Dream Body

You probably will see A LOT of photos of T, on my blog mainly because she is a huge inspiration to me. Love her body, she is natural, love her energy and mentality..she’s a very nice lady..she has like the total package of COOL to me. What I find inspirational about her body is her abs! I want that waist line lol and I want the little biceps…so that will be my focus..to workout my mid section.

For certain purposes I will not be using her name written or tagged, I will just feature her name in the photo if people want to find her because I don’t want traffic to come from a…sexual audience..besides hair and the ups and downs of it. She has a lot of photos considered “ADULT” but I know they are ART type photos not porn…so I will try to crop them to the best of my ability or blur them out.

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