How did it feel? Relieving…I was so happy. I took control.

I’ve always had long hair past my shoulders but it was relaxed hair and I never took good care of it. Whenever I got a relaxer and the effects of it being straight began to wear off and my new growth came in…I just never liked that process. I actually always used to try to go a few months without a relaxer…I really had no idea what I was attempting to do (meaning I knew nothing about my natural hair or going natural) but I really disliked the process of a relaxer…I felt it wasn’t natural but I never knew what to do about.

My family is full of women and yes, they all relax their hair. NONE of them have long hair. I’ve seen their hair break, I’ve seen them with almost no hair…but all they know is relaxers. The only ladies in my family who have natural hair as of this moment is myself, and my two  trouble making cousins who have not reached the age 13 yet…they’re bad news but that’s another story I will blog about…I’ll explain the dynamics of my family later :)…good story 😀

My main family, mother and sister’s reaction ..my sister didn’t really care she already knew I was experimenting with my hair. She thinks I went “Britney Spears Crazy” with my big chop but I know Britney didnt go crazy..she just wanted that hair gone and when the media continued to nonstop budge in her business she got fed up and did something about it…which the media called crazy and what I perceive as “she had enough”. My mom…she was angry, she knows I have always had long hair and she really doesn’t understand too much except for what she knows which is relaxed hair so for her to see something out of the norm, she didn’t like it and she calls my hair “nappy”. I call it beautiful natural curly hair…I love my hair.

This is how my hair looks now to the upper right. The Before photo is of my hair when I first big chopped it…it was dry still had a lot of relaxed hair and I had combed it out with a wide tooth comb. The after photo is of my hair after I moisturized it. Right now I’m dealing with having high porosity hair so I have not tapped into my “healthy state” of big chop yet and I trimmed off a lot of relaxed hair…some is still in there but I will leave it be until my hair grow a little and I can see it clearly. I’ll be taking more photos week to week of my progress. My hair length is  4 inches at the top and 3 inches on the side.

Right now what I’m focusing on is moisturizing my hair…I’m still iffy on it. It feels brittle but its moist. I have been doing the green house effect on my hair..I found out about it using the blackhairmedia forum. The woman who told about it said you should only do it a maximum of 5 days a week but shoot I feel like I should do it every day of the week. Right now I’m just doing trial and error until I get a grasp on what I am doing. My goal is to grow 1 inch a month and 24 inches within 2 years…this month is the test month so if I grow ANYTHING that will be a surprise to me!



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