Progress! Capturing moisture!

So I’m in the phase of going from dry to moist with my hair. This week I have braided my hair…yes I know..braiding 3 to 4 inches of hair…but its possible 😀 Anyway I spritz my hair with water and detangled it with a wide tooth comb (paddle brushes only worked for me when my hair was long) then braided it in corn rows…left out a  little of my hair in the front because I wear half wigs…right now I’m rocking the wig “Tammy from Outre”…best half wig ever..its the only wig that I have worn for 3 months straight without it looking horrible but investment ever!

Then after I finished braiding my hair I spritz it with water again because the water dried…then I put a little conditioner on my hair, rub it in then sealed it with my olive oil/rosemary oil/ coconut oil mix. As for the hair I left out I sealed it with the oil then I sealed it with gel..I had to put a lot more extra on my front because it is the driest part o my head since I manipulate it the most. Also since I like to manipulate the front of my hair alot I stopped using a brush and only use my hands when using gel..I don’t want to keep putting stress on the front. I completely left out my african pride moisturizer because I wanted to see how my hair would retain the moisture. Turns out it kept really good! So no more african pride. Also I dont know if I should be using conditioner apart of my daily regimen without actually washing my hair…especially since I plan to skip a week or 2 on shampooing…actually I might take that completely out since it takes moisture away…but I will keep using the conditioner since it works for me or if my hair says otherwise.

Two days post the braids I took them out spritzed my hair with water and detangled my hair by finger then I used my wide tooth comb to puff it out in a afro..I can definitely see a difference in my hair actually looked like it grew even my edges which have always been the shortest part  of my hair but maybe because its getting moisture now. (Sorry no pictures..wont be taking one until the end of november to see the difference in my progress).

So that will be my daily regimen for “now”. NEXT is starting my workout plan. Last year I lost 20 pounds working out and counting my calories but..I did it wrong. I wasn’t really eating healthy I was only staying under my calorie count. So this time I want to do it right..I want to eat healthy and exercise….I want to have fun with this not make it my “duty” to do.

P.S. I Am Natural Even If I Wear a Wig or Weave..its a protective style, for all you naturals that think otherwise go kick a large boulder!



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