My Curly Potential

I love love love reading about girls’ and their big chop! I feel like mine was so long ago (not really) but I remember that day, how I felt, how I looked, my thoughts, my insecurities, my pride. If you’ve recently big chopped I would like to introduce you to a couple of others.

Nov 29/12, The Agrarian Bard – The Big Chop

Nov 20/12, Natural Vibe – The Big Chop

Nov 20/12, JoyYouCantTake – The Big Chop

Oct 12/12, Finding Kayy – Big Chop!

Sept 30/12, Sincerely, Jess – New

Dec 8/12, Sisi Yemmie – I Big Chopped (video)

It’s also interesting to think how many others out there share my big chop anniversary… Any other March 14 Big Choppers out there? 😉 I’m sure I’m one of many!

It’s a great community out there of naturalistas. If you have questions or concerns, surf the web, engage with others…

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