Hair Journey/Confession: I Bought Make Up To Prepare for My “Natural Awakening”

natural ladies

What I mean by “Natural Awakening” is embracing my natural hair and not wearing a wig in public. In all of the photos I have been looking at of these women who have embraced their natural hair and look beautiful, they are all wearing make up and its blended beautifully.

Some of them wear bold colors while others wear neutral, natural looking make up…I’m a natural type girl. I have never been too crazy bout make up because it is time consuming, I never really had a nack for it and I have very sensitive skin but I want to at least give it a try. For the sake of embracing my natural.

So I went to muffinismylovers and lovekisses99 for my makeup tips…I bought all of the items from ebay on the viedo that muffinismylovers just posted: BEAUTY STROKES LASH & BROW BRUSH, Revlon Colorstay~*BLACKBERRY*~Retractable EYELINER and as for the brushes, I found a full professional set for $17 (bidding war) on ebay…I saved about $40 or $30 on that one if I would have gotten it from american, 2 Case Classics Pro. Makeup Brush Set 10Pc Travel NEW. Since I am neutral I only bought neutral eyeshadow 10 Colors Concealer Camouflage Makeup Cosmetic Cream Natu...As for my concealer, I watched a tutorial on how to make your own concealer…all you do it add water to your mineral makeup. So I bought 3 shades of mineral foundation New Full Size Pure Mineral Foundation Makeup DARK WARM. So for now that is it. I’ll be updating on my progress later on when I receive everything in mail.


Muffinismylovers2012 video:


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