A Small Purchase That Means Something

$T2eC16J,!zUE9s38-IjfBQYnnZM9KQ~~60_1I’ve been shopping on eBay a lot. For those who do not know…eBay is a GREAT place to go to if you’re looking for a bargain on jewelry or any accessory. See what I do is buy things like for example a ring. When I search for a ring I will limit the search to free shipping and put the maximum price to $1 and all these rings from china or Singapore will show up. Now I know what you’re thinking…if its from there it can’t be real.  Well let me tell you…ALL of the jewelry that I have purchased from China and/or Singapore…i can wash it underwater with soap and it has never faded. I have had a few rings for over a year and its still in good condition as it was when I purchased it. Now the listings that I purchased these rings from all said something like “14k gold or 24k gold” and they haven’t faded.

So anyway back to why I’m writing this. I have been purchasing a lot of rings from eBay and there is this one particular ring that stood out to me. Now I honestly think that the ring is ugly and I don’t like the concept that it stands for…its the ring that Edward gave Bella in twilight…an engagement ring.

It seemed like the more I tried to ignore it, the more I saw it. So I gave in and purchased it today. If you read my previous blog I wrote..it talked about me living the life of Bella Swan…I guess thats why I bought it. A sign of hope..for things to look up. I mean my life doesn’t suck…I love my life but it would be a whole lot better if I had that person in my life that just…completed me, was there to comfort me and care about what I have to say..

So thats why I bought that ring…plus my addiction to Twilight lol. It cost me $4 lol..maybe if I meet someone and we discover our passion for one another, he’ll buy me the real thing lol…especially since I don’t ask for much.
That’s my story for today…no haiir journey updates. I’m wearing my box braids right now so nothing new until I take them out.


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