Hair Nightmare or Hair Journey?..

396157_448273058537081_699059289_nA lot of times when I have dreams they’re dreams about confronting my fears…making me more aware or they expose to me that change is on the way…

So I had a very weird dream two days ago..

The dream began with me waking up in my mothers room. only I thought I was in JCPenny’s. I was in a aisle in the store looking at items then I came across a lamp that was handmade. I remember it being expensive so I put it down. Then I saw a beautifully crafted item and it turned out to be a music box with speakers, it was $5. So I was tempted to actually STEAL it….which is odd because I don’t steal. I haven’t stolen since High School and that was in 9th grade…some pens, re-writable cds and pencils from a teacher…lol. So with trying to steal it my dream converted back to being in my mom’s room and I was sitting next to her nightstand on the bed. I then realized that it was my mothers item. So I put it back down.

This is where the dream gets sketchy. I jump from being in my mothers room to being in the bathroom playing with my hair. Theres a visitor in the hallway just leaving. My hair isn’t braided, its in twists. I peek in the hallway talking to my mother and I think before the visitor leaves he sees me naked lol. Anyway I talk to my mother through the bathroom door and she begins telling me how she wants to photography now and I’m thinking to myself…PHOTOGRAPHY?!?!?!…you don’t even want to move or get a better high paying job but now all the sudden you want change, this is NOT YOU! (Maybe thats what the dream was about)

So then the dream shifts again to me looking in the mirror only it wasn’t me…it didn’t feel like it was me….hard to explain. But I started to take out my hair from twists and as I took them out my hair was coming out all that was left were some bald spots and then some very short hair that was crisp that i could literally chip it off…thats when I turned into the girl. Then when I looked in the mirror again, I was a young girl (mixed, light skinned) with a bald head and red sores all over her head. I think it was from that disease…i forgot the name…Alopecia.

The Following Day…

I had a dream about going to this random junky beauty supply store and looking through aisles to find some hair dye.

I think the first dream was about the change I’m expecting or is going to happen along my hair journey. As for the second dream..I have been wanting to dye my hair for sometime but I’m so scared because dying your hair can cause damage and dryness….sense I already fought off the dryness in my hair, I would hate to bac track and have to start all over. But then again since I did the big chop, its better to do it not than when my hair grows out….but then there the dilemma about finding a wig that matches…sigh.

I really DO want to dye my hair but its very risky. I want to dye my hair a kind of dark chocolate or a very deep dark red, kind of on the verge of black until you realize its red. I like those colors where it looks one way in the dark then when you hit the light you can see the REAL color.


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