Confession: The Real Reason Why I Went Natural (Short & Sweet)

477862_526736827342433_446413950_oI’ve talked a lot about my experiences with being natural, going natural, etc…but I’ve never talked about exactly why i went natural. So here it is…The reason why I decided to go natural was because the front of my hair was not growing. My hair overall and my edges in the front were dry, frail and breaking with every touch….its a wonder that I wasn’t bald. While the rest of my hair was spiraling down my back…I was too ashamed to even show it because the front of my hair was so short. I didn’t even have a bang and I barely saw my real hair on a good day nor did I ever take a photo of it.

Whats the point of having long hair if you can’t even be proud and show it? So I aspire to have healthy and long hair. I don’t want just a strand or two of my hair to be 24 inches…I want all of it to be even and thick…and I’m prepared and dedicated to get it that way. Patience is the key.


2 thoughts on “Confession: The Real Reason Why I Went Natural (Short & Sweet)

  1. I have the same problem! How did you make the transition to natural hair? Sorry if you’ve detailed that before, I’ve never read the blog

    • Well I simply started by stopping the use of using relaxers. Then I went through the phase of finding the right moisturizer. Once I found the right moisturizer at the time my hair started to grow and because it was two textures, my natural texture would not blend with my half wigs. So I got fed up and cut it because I didn’t want the relaxed hair anyway, it was a burden. Once I cut it off I had to do more research on my hair because I was having a problem with porosity. My hair would suck the life out of moisturizers even when I sealed well. So I learned I had high porosity hair, which meant I had to stop putting heat to my hair and I had to moisturize a little more than normal so my hair could be healthy.

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