Weight loss journey: This is How I ate today…

December 14, 2012

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
6am – 8am
Tuna Sandwhich, 1 serving(s) 374 46g 8g 32g 50mg 877mg 10g 10g
12pm – 3pm
Kfc – Chicken Breast (Original Recipe), 163 g 360 11g 21g 34g 110mg 1,080mg 0g 0g
Kfc – Biscuit, Kfc, 1 biscuit (54g) 180 23g 8g 4g 0mg 530mg 2g 1g
Kfc Sides – Mashed Potatoes W/Gravy, 1 Container, Single 120 19g 4g 2g 0mg 530mg 0g 1g
4pm -8pm
David – Sunflower Seeds – Original, All Natural, 1 cup 760 20g 60g 36g 0mg 540mg 4g 16g
Dasani – Purified Water 16.9 Fl oz, 3 Bottle 0 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 1,794 119g 101g 108g 160mg 3,557mg 16g 28g

I went over my calorie goal of 1200 by 500 calories. What I did wrong…i snacked on sunflower seeds all day. Then I gave up on eating healthy…the only thing I did healthy was drink water and that is only because there were no Dr. Peppers around for me to drink because I was surely looking for some!

If you want to view more of my diary I’m using myfitnesspal.com: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/journeytolong

Also if you are looking for workout videos or leslie sansone videos, I’m uploading them on my page on dailymoition:


Notes for next time to myself:

I only took 3 bites of my tuna sandwhich, I will eat the rest tomorrow. Find a healthier cheese to eat. The brand I am using its 3/4 of fat and 1/4 protein. Put sunflower seeds away in cabinet instead of keeping them near me to avoid over eatting. Brush my teeth, drink some water or eat something healthy when I want to snack.



2 thoughts on “Weight loss journey: This is How I ate today…

  1. How has the rest of the weekend been?

    • Well yesterday I had gotten very sick for some reason..then it went away gradually so I barely ate. Today started out bad but I can change it..I only ate a spoon full of greens, dirty rice and 5 pieces of fried chicken lol…goodness gracious this is hard!

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