Hair Journey: Moving Up in Inches!

So I know yesterday I wrote a post about how I was feeling and how I’m doing but you know…life goes on and I slept on it..I still feel said but I have to move on. I could die today regreting yesterday so the only thing I can do is smile at the future and live in the now and not the past.
Anyway! I measured my hair this morning after trimming it and I’m proud to say my hair grew an inch! So I am achieveing one of myy goals. I said I wanted my hair to grow an inch every month..even though its a little over a month since I started I have been doing ALOT of trimming trying to even out my hair and get the last remains of that relaxed hair. So yes my hair grew an inch! The top of my hair is 5 inches while the perimeter is an even 4 inches so that means Im doing something right.
Also I have received my Bella ring today…I took that as a sign of goodluck since I bought it for the purpose of representing hope. So Im going to wear that to my very last exam today. Im going to try to put my all into it and if I fail..well at least I failed trying.
Last but not least I wanted to throw in a warning to my kinky ladies who are new and experimenting with products. If you ever get curling cream so your curls can stand out…make sure you dont use too much. I bought some more curling cream from Carson softsheen but this type it was for kinky hair deep treatment….that last one I had was feather cream for women withh like 3c or 4a hair but this one was meant for 4b and 4c so I bought it. Anyway when I used the cream I noticed how light it was compared to the other cream and it really didnt moisturize my hair at all…my hair still felt dry and my scalp. So I took a handle full and THREW it on my hair lol. Woke up this morning to a head full of tangled extremely dry curly hair (which is why I trimmed my hair a little). So ladies just becareful with curling cream.
Have a blessed day!


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