If theres anyone out there that has ever suffered from anxiety or IS suffering from it right now…I just want you to know that you are not the only one. I was in a deep depression at once…I sought out counselling,  therapy and confiding in people but nothing worked. I was being told things that I already knew So I went to the one person who to seemed like she had a strong outlook on life..someone I looked up to. This is the message that helped get me through, maybe it will help someone else…

Start asking yourself questions….

the answers will come to you if you listen for them…the only reason these types of energy states seem to be so difficult is because we have a “rejection” towards them….we can’t resist them…what you resist persists…we can’t “fake” it….we can focus on the sun all day long however we cant take a picture of the sun and put it in front of the clouds (fronting)…..we have to go through the clouds or allow the storm to just simply pass while not fighting it….

depression is a state that brings you into yourself….the state that wants to get your attention to focus you into alignment….people get depressed leading lives that aren’t serving themselves and the self KNOWS this….anxiety and excitement…is the same energy in different polarities…..fear and anticipation….you are probably on the verge of making life changing decisions and your anxiety is letting you know that you are nervous, or maybe fearful … your creating jewelry is an outlet for not just creative energy, but also nervous energy when your mind may be all over the place …we find different outlets for energy  trust me I know….I made alot of jewelry not just to express creative energy but to also release energy of different emotional things I was going through as well…..

but yes…this is on you….whatever feeling you feel…just feel it..if you feel like crying ..cry…and ask yourself….

what message is in this for me

you’d be surprised at the answers that come to you

open your heart

You are just fine,this state isn’t a “bad” state….you are on the verge of transforming…let it happen Beautiful


One thought on “Anxiety

  1. I think between getting married and having my first child I went through something. I was living the life I had always anticipated one day for myself and I think it started to feel every overwhelming. What I “thought” being married would be like and what it really was like was two different things. Then add to that a child and the anxiety of if I would be a “good” mother was pressure too, but I came though it because I realized that being perfect is not what my husband expected and that no mother is perfect. Mine wasn’t (lol) but she loved us and gave us all she could and my brothers and I turned out pretty darn good too! So I accepted myself as I am with all my flaws and mistakes and just grew from there knowing that I don’t have to be perfect to be a loving and fully present parent & wife.

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