HairFinity Pills is a WASTE…

I’m not trying to bash Hair Finity but some of these women need to know the truth. Educate yourself on hair before you invest in pills.

The reason why I say this is because I have looked at their Facebook page and have seen so many women ordering this product including myself and its like…to me it seems the women who have ordered the product know absolutely NOTHING about their hair. They think that if they take these pills their hair will just magically grow but that’s not true. If you take care of your hair and MOISTURIZE regularly your hair is going to grow and if it doesn’t seem like it is growing then it is probably time for you to do a touch up on your ends. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Even if you eat junk food or not the healthiest, your hair is going to grow regardless unless you have a disease that may limit that.

I ordered those pills in hopes to speed up my hair growth process but while I was taking them I really didnt feel motivated to take them and honestly I didn’t notice a difference. My hair was growing fine before I was even taking the pills. Also they are too damn expensive. In 3 months you will have spent over $70 on those pills when you could have bought some pure boiton along with some vitamin pills that would cost under $20 and last you longer than a month. To me Hair finity is just a rip off honestly.

Its like when women decide to take pills to lose weight instead of working out and eating healthier. Like I said in the beginning learn more about hair before you invest in pills, you’ll save time and money if you do so.



One thought on “HairFinity Pills is a WASTE…

  1. Well, I guess this answered the question I asked on your original post

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