How I Feel About Psychics/Tarot Cards… (Part 1)

Opinions I have heard and My Opinion….

I know there are people out there with a bias against psychics and tarot card readings. There are also people that are for psychics and tarot card reading.

I have friends who have went to psychics and said that the psychic was 100% correct about everything.

My mother and my sister went to a psychic they both even went so far as to have spells cast on them for good luck. Now since a bad turn in life and my sister experiencing her “battle with the devil” dilemma, they think that the psychic is evil and cast a spell or demons on them. The comment I hear the most about Tarot Card readers or psychics is that they communicate with demons.

If you have been to a psychic and feel that way then I have to say…stop blaming the psychic and look at yourself. They didn’t seek you out, you sought them out looking for whatever. In life there’s always going to be ups and downs…..cause and effect.

Now me, myself…I am Christian. I don’t know the Bible by heart or word to word so I can’t whip out “The Bible says this or that” type of thing but I can talk from an unbiased point of view and experience dealing with tarot card readers.

Honestly I think that the whole psychic and tarot card thing is up to you to believe. I feel as though a lot of people go seeking out psychics or tarot card readings to hear answers that they WANT to hear versus hearing the good and/or bad. Basically they truly are looking toward a power out of their control to give them good fortune.

Now do I think tarot cards are evil? My answer is, it depends on the person using them and the person perceiving the message being given to them. If the intentions behind getting the readings are lets say out of greed or malicious, then yes they can possibly be used for evil.

Do I think tarot cards are good? To be completely honest…I feel as though if you start to feel like tarot cards are good then that means you’re putting your faith in them because when people think something is good, they usually want more of it.

To be continued: Part 2…




One thought on “How I Feel About Psychics/Tarot Cards… (Part 1)

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