Hair Journey: Wigs Are No Longer Appealing To Me

So far in my hair journey its been going great. I received my texturemenatural hair products in mail. I will be doing a review on by holly by holly

that later…the scent of her products are crazy wonderful. Back on topic…I have been enjoying my natural hair and watching it grow before my eyes and I enjoy putting it in its protective styles.

There used to be a time when I all I did was browse YouTube looking for reviews on wigs and hair. I used to stay on websites like lhboutique and hairwigharlem looking for the best natural looking lacefront/halfwig. I would faithfully watch muffinsismylovers videos reviews and make sure to check out anything she posted. I even went as far to buy my own full lace wigs for $250 from a Chinese vendor named..which only lasted a month before I got tired of it but it was a very lovely wig.

The last wig I wore was Tammy from Outre and after being natural for a while my hair just would not blend properly with that wig.

I looked through my subscribed Youtube channels. I went to Aprils aka Muffinsismylovers channel and I literally found nothing on her channel to be appealing like it was in the past. I mean, there’s no reason to even be subscribed to her for me right now.

So now I sit here wondering why i liked wigs in the first place? Why were they so appealing to me back then and not now?


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