Hair Journey Update: IM Thinking micro braids!

Today I will be washing my hair again. Simply because it feels a little dirty.

I just got my hair in mail yesterday from hairwiggharlem. The hair I ordered is not any of the hair I posted in my previous post for “Summer Ideas”. Its hair I saw last minute. I bought 11 packs of hair for $62. I know 11 may sound like a lot but I never know how much I will need and if I will rebraid my hair in certain areas. Like for my box braids I bought 10 packs but only used 8 and then when I went back to rebraid some hair I ended up using 1 more pack and thenaaome some. So its always worth it to buy extra just in case.

Right now I am just focusing on moisturizing my hair and less manipulation. Next week I have off from school so during that week I plan on rebraiding my hair with the hair I got in mail.
I’ll be doing a review of the hair and taking pics.

I’ve seen 1 review of it on youtube and the way the girl had it wasn’t too flattering on her so I’m hoping that I can really WORK the sexy into this hair lmao.

That’s it for the updates. Thanks for reading!


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