Hair Journey Update: Progress Pic

I’m not even sure where to start. Well first and foremost I took out my braids two weeks ago and began braiding my hair with catsthe hair I ordered from HairWigHarlem. I will

take photos of the packaging hair and how my hair looks braided with it….I’ll have that posted tomorrow. Before I began rebraiding my hair I decided to dye my hair using Dark & Lovely….I NOW HATE DARK &LOVELY it did nothing but tangle my hair so much that I had to use a COMB in my hair to get the knots out. The color did not come through at all. Never again…so I’m done trying to dye my hair.

Here’s my progress so far. I’m can’t believe I’m actually getting somewhere lol. For my regimen I’m still using texturemenatural healing hair butter and moisturizer.


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