#2 – Q&A (Questions & Answers)

I found this post on tumblr asking all these questions and I thought to myself, “Hmm this would be a great idea for my blog.”

So from now on everyday I’ll just be posting a question(s) and answer(s). Its really for myself just to reflect back on in the future and see my growth ūüėÄ


Q & A #2

* Do you like your neighbors? *

No. They are loud. They’re Spanish so its louder than black people loud. They play their music loud and its always the same beat. They cook stinky smelling food. I could go on and on with complaints.

* Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? *

It depends on who I am talking to. If I’m talking to a family member, someone who is close to the family or coworker then yes because I know whatever I say will be repeated. If I’m talking to a friend or stranger then no I am very open to talking about it.

*¬†Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up? *

Yes, my ex did tell me that it was a dumb decision to break up with me.

* Favorite food? *

I really love David Sunflower Seeds. Especially the cheese flavor. I”ll skip a meal just to eat those babies.

*Are you outgoing or shy?*

I am shy to most things but if its something I know like jewelry or hair…I’m very outgoing. More on the¬†informal¬†side.



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