How I See Myself In The Future

Waking up this morning was so refreshing. I had the best 8 hours of sleep ever. After working so hard yesterday I deserve it. It’s not easy being a Social Worker. I have so many things to do but today I’m going to relax. We can stick to the daily routine for the rest of the week but today is mine.


I have to say that this was inspired by Montana Deleon. I know I wrote a blurb about her YT channel and I still agree with everything I said but if someone does something that I like, whether I favor them or not…I’m not afraid to give them their props. I saw a few weeks ago that she had made an interesting post on FB, actually I will re-quote that post but I was taken by the concept of it because she willing wrote out where she see’s herself in the future when it comes to relationships and what she wants to go on it. Not too many people are expressive about their future or their dreams. So I decided to do a little spin on it because I’m always daydreaming about my future and how I would like things to be so why not express it?

I’m SO in love with my man because he always says “WE, US, OUR and TOGETHER.” Everything he plans for he keeps ‘FAMILY’ in mind and what WE would need. He tends to be so busy at times working on his goal list that we would go 24 hrs without seeing each other but I’m too busy to notice at the moment because I’m doing the same. We have goals to reach and empires to build TOGETHER so in my free time I support his goals and vice versa. We pencil each other in for date nights on our lengthy list of things to do. We come together and work on “OUR” to do list and we call this “quality time” because we are so determined to build and empire together! Even though I don’t own not ONE pair of red bottoms and he has never waited in line for the newest pair of Jordans, we travel internationally every 3 to 6 months slowly but surely wearing out our passports so we ain’t trippin…….we’re racking up on the intangibles;-) He was focused and driven when we first met and so was I, so it was easy to come into his life without interruption but as an asset because I made sure he continued being productive and I inspired him to want more and I was hands on in helping him with his goals, careful not to be a distraction and this worked out perfectly because he saw my drive and returned the effort. We just match so perfectly. I”m SO in love with my man…….Oh…..wait……I haven’t met this man yet. I’ll just stay busy working towards my goals until he crosses my path.

-Montana Deleon


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