Insanity WorkOut Finally Uploaded!

I am proud to announce that I finally have uploaded the Insanity Workout on my DailyMotion channel. I know A LOT of people want to workout to it and I dont know if I will be doing it but I’m a thoughtful person and I couldn’t find it anywhere to watch so I uploaded it myself. Most of the files were big so I had to break them into part one and part two. Where I broke the videos apart are at the time where you “take a break” so you wont be missing anything at all or have to stop in between your workout to switch the videos. The videos have their own playlist so just click the play list and then you will see the videos that have been uploaded. Now let me just warn you, I do not know how long the videos will last. Majority of the places I went to download it either have it blacklisted or delete it within a couple of minutes but I will definitely keep uploading it until it stays.

Heres the link to my channel:

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