College Lige/Weight Loss Journey: School is Getting in the Way of Exercise

It’s like a ripply effect: If I don’t do my homework when I can andd decide to do it last minute I don’t have time to get proper sleep and when I dont have time to properly sleep, Im too tired to work out and when Im too tired to workout then Im too tired to even consider working out. Well thats how these past 2 days have been. I haven’t been on top of myy Statistics class like I should so I have been doing it last minute. I only have two more weeks of the course which is 8 days so Im hoping I can turn it around by then by staying on top of my work. As for my other course, Im taking American history online and I have a dick for a professor. He intentionally makes the course harder than it needs to be. Gives us 2 days to read 100 pages from 2 different books then we have a quiz and discussion. To finish based off of all of that information. I swear if he slips up once I will call the deans office within the quickness. Theres no reason to intentionally try to setup your students for failure.
So anyway Im going to try to stay on top of my statistics class even if I dont want to and see where it gets me.


2 thoughts on “College Lige/Weight Loss Journey: School is Getting in the Way of Exercise

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