Hair Journey Update: I Have NO Moisturizer For My Hair!

Sad Natural Long HairIts been like this for about a week now. I ran out of moisturizer and I haven’t moisturized my hair all week. I was moisturizing with my conditioner but my scalp REALLY does not like that. I really do love and care about my hair and I want it to grow and be healthy, so I dug into the little money have set aside for the bills I have and money saved for myself then I splurged it on stocking up on texturemenatural products.

You might ask why I would dig into the little money I have just to buy hair products. Well let me tell you, the area I live in really is not big on moisturizer and natural hair products. I have been looking for lemon oil for the longest time and its just not available here so I always have to result by ordering a lot of my natural hair items from online unless its shampoo or conditioner. Also I am not too keen on spending my money on these products. After my experience with Softsheen Carol’s Curl Mango, never again will I just blow my money on products. I know texturemenatural’s products very well and my hair loves it. Plus the owner of texturemenatural is closing her website and hasn’t set a date of when she will open back up so I HAD to get some products and make sure I have enough.

I am really really excited about what I ordered. I order her encore kit, of course I ordered her Auntie Cookies Moisturize (I did a review on it, you can see my before and after photos) and I ordered her hair tea. In total I spent $97 and that is only because I ordered the moisturizer and hair tea days apart from the encore kit and paid for separate shipping. If I had ordered it all together it would have been $89 but that’s alright. The encore kit was on sale days later and I wasn’t about about to let that slip.

Now I am ultra excited about the encore kit because I get to try majority of her products and I’ve never had a chance to do that. The encore kit consists of 12oz. Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Detox, 12oz. Moisture Therapy Conditioner, 12oz. Amla & Avocado Leave-In, 8oz. Ayurvedic Hair Tea (Conditioning Leave-In, 16oz. Aunt Cookie’s MoistureCream, 8oz. Macadamia Styling Butter, 8oz. Healing Hair Butter. Im not sure what ALL of the products are used for but I will find out when I actually get them.

Besides that but I love love love love lovvvvveee how her lemon scented products smell. I am hooked on that lemongrass scent. IT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING! When my sister ordered it she wasn’t too crazy about it because she didn’t understand why the products all had a different scent to them but I loved it lol. She didn’t know how to use some of the products so she gave them to me. I knew how to use them but I just kept my mouth shut and took them lol.

I won’t say that I will do a review on it because whenever I do say it, I have intentions of doing it then LIFE just happens and I never get around to it. I will definitely take pics of it though, whether or not it will make it to my blog…I have no clue lol.

The only downfall to this is it will be probably 2 or 3 weeks before I actually receive the products. Unless I keep moisturizing m hair with conditioners it will literally be THAT long before my hair has anything in it :(. So we’ll just have to see what Im gonig to do. By the way, right now I have in braids/twists..I really do not like having weave or anything in my hair. I want my hair to breathe. So after June 29th, these babies are coming out of my hair. I will  be rocking wigs only and focus more on taking care of my hair while it is “out”.



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