Midnight Natural Hair Male EyeCandy: Lloyd Polite

lloyd polite natural hair

Even though Lloyd cut off his hair, he is mainly known for his long natural that he had when his singing career took off. He wore them in braids to ponytails or a full blow out even had a straightened for one of his music videos. Either way as a start off to my new midnight Eyecandy Lloyd will be my first introduction. Not only do I love his music but it doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy & has natural hair.


Body Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez body absI was watching some music videos the other day and fr some reason I have been drawn to continuously listening to Jlo’s music. Idk why but I just love her energy and a lot of things she is going through she puts in her music which is a lot of love mixed with loneliness (ME) but anyways…I was watching her videos and realized Jlo has GOT A BOBY and I’m not talking about her infamous booty. I’m talking about all around, sweetie works for her body. So now she is my inspiration to work out. I will be listening to her music whenever I workout.