I’ve Always Been The Oddball Because of my Uniqueness

I’ve Always Been The Oddball & Always WIll Be.

Something that I has been present throughout my life. Stares from people in disagreeance with my opinion or perspective. I’veNatural Hair is Beautiful (152) been in rooms full of people that have looked at me in disgust just because I’ve stated my opinion and they disagree with it. Until recently I’ve come to the conclusion that, that is just something I am going to have to live with throughout life. I refuse to be a victim of people not accepting me. I am who I am whether someone likes me or not.

All throughout High School I could never make any black friends because I was too “different”. And yes they literally did say that. They liked my appearance and everything then as soon as I open my mouth and its something different from what everyone thinks then they all back off. As a result I had a lot of Hispanic friends and I’m happy I did because I made some true friends.

It happens other places to on and offline. At work I’m not that highly liked because I choose not to gossip or eat the food that is offered to me and I’ve said so to an extent. On the internet, I get attacked all the time because half the time I disagree with what someone is saying and I state it. I’m not with agreeing with everyone else. I always do things outside the box and I like looking at BOTH perspectives of something.

One thing about me, I’m not afraid to say whats on my mind. I do not care who you are, I will say it and it will be the honest truth. When I say something I stand by it and if I’m wrong, I apologize and/or admit it. BUT if you come at me with negative energy or without a respectable presentation justifying why you disagree with my opinion then be prepared to be handled with facts and a strong fist. I don’t sway under pressure when I truly believe something. I think that may be one of the reasons that this natural hair journey has taken such a strong stance in my life. It shows that you embrace who you are, its a journey to loving you no matter what others think. I like myself and I’m not afraid to say I love myself, I value my opinion while valuing others. Thats just how I am

So in the words of my friend who taught me some valuable lessons, “Fuck em.”


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2013 (Part 5)

The next Etsy seller that I purchased from was Truthseeker1111 by Charlotte https://www.etsy.com/shop/Truthseeker1111

I purchased  5 Question Love Psychic Email Reading for $25.


My reading from Charlotte:
 Hello Jazzie. Thanks so much for your patience and for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions for you.
I have copied/pasted below your questions and will respond to them in blue:
Jazzie Bday: Aug, 28, 1992 My questions are.. –
Will I ever get married, if so when? I feel you will get married at 25 between March and May of that year.
What changes do I need to make in my life, to attract the person that I will want to spend my life with? yours is a sacrifice of love as you will be the one giving so much to others that sometimes you may feel like you are not getting back as much.After a few losses in love you will become sensitized to the pain the love can cause and become a more understanding mate as you need to understand you have the christ energy of love so you serve a higher purpose in love as you make many sacrifices for others. People are uplifted by your presence. Your path is a very spiritual one and you can be tempted into affairs and romantic encounters..very youthful energies you have. You may choose someone who is broken or unworthy so you can try to fix that person so your love can heal them, but this can result in victim/savior co dependent relationship.You have no problems loving but you need to know and remember to give to yourself and when you should say no to others. There needs to be a balance of giving and receiving before the right man comes to you..you need to be open to receive and allow someone to give to you too.
Is the person that I will be in a relationship with in future, located where I live? Well spirit shows you have been worried about this and has been on your mind even at night perhaps. I feel you have a powerful connection with this person located near you and i feel you want things to grow and I feel you may be trying to manifest your hearts desire with this person, but spirit clearly shows me at this time that there are many obstacles in the way still.
Have I met the person that I would like to spend my life with and marry? No
Does my ex miss me or has he met someone else? I feel he is with others or another as I am shown he is trying to make a decision in matters of love and this is about a choice between two people….I feel the other is you. I feel he is trying to balance his life and I feel he is away..traveling over water. He is very ambitious. There is a female in his life that is very passionate and bossy type.He seems to be juggling his emotions right now so I do feel he does misses you as I feel he is trying to consider his options as he is trying to back away some to balance them as I feel emotionally too much is going on with him..like he has too much on his plate, so to speak.
http://www.truthseeker1111.com/ for Psychic Readings 

Be beautiful inside which is most precious
I later asked her:
Hi Charlotte,
I’m sorry for contacting you so late but I just have one question about the answer you gave. What did you mean but I have the Christ energy of love?
Her response:
 Hi Jazzie. Just means that you have this special way about you where you may be able to forgive others more easily then other people. You have more compassion and your heart is very open as you tend to give so much of yourself to help others just as Christ gave himself for all. So means you sacrifice alot of yourself and time to help others which heals people..which is similar to Christ.
http://www.truthseeker1111.com/ for Psychic Readings 

Be beautiful inside which is most precious

My Perspective on it:

Let me just say, I was completely satisfied with this reading because this woman not only gave me answers but she told me things about myself that I have never let anyone know. When she mentioned “You may choose someone who is broken or unworthy so you can try to fix that person so your love can heal them, but this can result in victim/savior co dependent relationship”  and “Well spirit shows you have been worried about this and has been on your mind even at night perhaps”; it gave me a feeling that she may be the real deal or either she knows her stuff. I do have a habit of attracting and being lured  to people who..need a hand and I do look to help them in some way. I also have been worried about who will be in my future and I have lost sleep over it. This is one of the readings that I honestly “chose” to believe or use as a guide of some sort. I understand that not everything said is on point but it gives me a little sense of direction…Maybe it was something I needed to read. Either way Im very satisfied with it.


Beyonce’s Bow Down Bitches is on Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe Level

I thought that song was extremely disgraceful. Disgraceful to Beyonce’s talent, career and as a person. Beyonce is always trying to portray herself as a perfectionist, a good singer, a hardworking lovable person that is also mother and a good wife. This is what she wants us to think of her as.

So my question is, when did she get so cocky to the point where she thinks she is better than anyone? I honestly think its the money and the people around her that have boosted her head so high that she literally thinks she is above everyone. Money can only take you so far. It won’t get you close to God or in Heaven. This song was just…too much. Everyone knows Beyonce only goes hard in her vocals and maybe even dancing but her as a person, NO. She doesn’t even role like that.

What makes this even worse is the people who are her fans aka stans are people who literally go off at the mouth once you say something that isn’t in light of Beyonce. Its like chickens running around with no head. These are the people representing Beyonce and helping her stay financed because it sure isn’t me. I don’t think her stans realize that when she says bow down she is not only belittling the so called “haters” but her stans too. Basically saying none of you are on my level.

I just can’t. This song is on Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe level. Its THAT dumb to me. People who say they like it, only like it because its Beyonce and/or they been waiting for her to come back in the scene. Either way this is a classic act of trash and it is ashame President Obama is associated with these type of people.

Thats how I feel about it..


Top 5 Best & Worst Hair YouTube Gurus (Full lace Wigs, Half Wigs, Bulks of Hair)

Even though I do not wear wigs like I used to I still look at the videos and hair sites just to get inspired or if I’m bored, etc. These few Youtube gurus are the in my opinion according to their honesty/sincerity, amount of reviews on hair and versatility. The other Youtube Gurus are the worst in according to the depth of info, honesty, originality and sincerity to their subscribers.Jam Poet

Top 6* Best YouTube Gurus for Hair (I added one more person)

  1. thomasadrianna: This girl does some great reviews on half wigs, full lace, weave, tips on how to make wigs…everything. I love her and she’s a little cutie pie. I think she is adorable. She is definitely worth subscribing to. (https://www.youtube.com/user/thomasadrianna)
  2. PhillyzJamPoet….ever since April (Muffinsismylovers) came out with a video about VixenLaceWigs giving bad customer service to their clients on her old channel. Philly has been giving the 100% truth or “spilling the tea” about how she feels with her wigs she reviews. She doesn’t sugar coat it. Now I understand in the past how she felt sympathy for some of the people who sent her hair and didn’t want to bash them. Sometimes you have to go through things to get you to the point where you say,”alright, no more…I’m giving the complete honest truth even if people disagree”. You can tell that she is sincere and cares about her subscribers. It’s not just about reviewing hair. I like that quality in her. (https://www.youtube.com/user/PhillyzJamPoet)
  3. twinkeez2003, I know the title says top 5 but I had to squeeze twinkeez in after I stumbled upon her. I love this woman. She does reviews, reviews and more reviews. Clean, straight forward, very helpful. Love it. (https://www.youtube.com/user/twinkeez2003)
  4. AFRICANEXPORT: She has a nice variety of videos going from reviews on half wigs to reviews of full lace wigs, going natural and natural hair styles then hauls. I really enjoy watching her and even though I don’t wear wigs like I used to I still like watching her reviews on them when I feel like seeing how some half wigs work. (https://www.youtube.com/user/AFRICANEXPORT)
  5. Fabulasityisme: I know this may come as a shocker because some people consider this Youtube guru fake but you have to give her props, she is always on point with her hair and make up. What got her on this list is that in  one of her video she willingly admitted that her subbies were not getting the same quality hair and said she wouldn’t suggest ordering from the company. Props to her for honesty. Its rare these days. She also has a variety of videos with hauls, make up and how to’s. (https://www.youtube.com/user/fabulasityisme)
  6. Scorpioqueen02, I searched my whole youtube history to find this girl. I like her reviews she has a lot of reviews on half wigs that have helped me decide in the past what I want to purchase so with that she is top 5. (https://www.youtube.com/user/scorpioqueen02/)

Top 5 Worst YouTube Gurus for Hair

  1. Ateyaaa…Goodness where do I start with this woman? For one she has the loudest and most annoying voice ever, every time I view her video I have to turn down the volume. Two, She barely posts videos about hair anymore. I think she uses the audience she has to promote other things which is fine but you know that’s not what everyone is there for. They are there for the hair reviews. Three, she doesn’t give an honest opinion. There are never any cons with her hair reviews even when its obvious that it’s not that good. Like for instance when she reviewed hair (Janet Moroccan hair) that she got done at a salon. It was so obvious that the hair didn’t blend right but she just faked it and all the sudden in another video called she curled the hair and cut it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfkWyW4GZ4M). Goodness gracious just tell the truth. It didn’t blend right so you had to fix it! (https://www.youtube.com/user/Ateyaaa)
  2. Muffinsismylovers is the second worst Youtube Guru on my list because back when muffins had her old channel she used to show everything she did with the wigs and I was a huge fan. From her opening the package, struggling to cut the lace, putting the wig on and blending her hair. Now in her videos one second she shows you the wig then POW the wig is magically on, hair blended and everything. You don’t get to see anything else, just how nice she looks wearing the wig. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to be purchasing a $200+ wig I want to see every detail. Her videos also have been so…cliche to me. They look just like all of the other Youtube gurus videos now. She doesn’t do any real talk videos or anything anymore. The old April I knew is gone. Don’t get me wrong, she does good reviews still and she is honest about the hair she receives but her videos have changed a lot. (https://www.youtube.com/user/Muffinismylovers2012)
  3. MontanaDeleon1: A lot of people may know who she is and a lot of people do not like her for being “fake” and approving only good comments on her videos. She used to show her boobs and booty on the internet for money but now she is retired from internet porn and is a Youtube Guru. The only reason she made it up here is because I saw a video recently where she tried to rip off her subscribers by saying she would sell a bulk of weave for $800 to $1000, are you serious?!?!?! Never in life. I mean I understand you have to profit from it too but really, don’t try to scam people when you know they can get it cheaper while you’re getting it for free. (https://www.youtube.com/user/montanadeleon1)
  4. Beautybyjj: Now this girl is gorgeous  she looks like Ciara and her hair is the BOMB DOT COM. Thats actually the only reason I started watching her videos Other than that, NO. Most of her recent reviews are on hauls, makeup, etc but she got most of her subbies by doing hair tutorials. I know this because that is where most of her views are. Her reviews are like any other regular reviews on hair. Just like many other YouTube gurus she is the one receiving free hair while the actual consumers get crap. She does not stick up for her subbies either or admit that she is aware people have been receiving bad hair. Me no likey at all. (https://www.youtube.com/user/beautybyjj)
  5. PhillyDiva19154 is on my worst Youtube Guru list because I swear she wears the same hair style ALL THE TIME.. If you’re going to be a hair guru switch it up for us! Let us see what you’re working with! Other than that I like her and her nose. (https://www.youtube.com/user/PhillyDiva19154/)

So thats my opinion of the best and the worst Youtube hair gurus. If anyone has any opinions on it post a comment I would like to hear every and anything anyone has to say 🙂


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2013 (Part 4)

After my last post in part 3 I did do another reading with someone in 2012 on etsy but it was the same type of ordeal. She was just reading the cards and information that came with the cards. Knowledge…I didn’t get the vibe from her reading that she actually had a feel of psychic energy so I won’t be posting that one right now. I want to skip to my latest reading which were this year.

My first reading of 2013 was from etsy shop Robertrenfield https://www.etsy.com/shop/robertrenfield

If you go to Robert’s shop now you probably will only see abstract paintings, I dont know what happen to the readings but I guess he isn’t doing them any more for now or at all.

The reading that I bought was a 1 Year Month by Month Psychic Reading which was $14.99 and a 3Question Tarot Reading which was $13.99. In all I spent 28.98. If you think that is ridiculous wait until you see my spending spree at other shops :D.

Now because this reading was a month to month reading its very lengthy but if you’re interested in knowing it will be waiting for you to read 🙂


My reading:


Message from me:

My 3 questions are..

-What do I need to go in order to get a job that I am happy with?

-Will I be successful in pursuing my degree as a social worker?

-Have I spoken to anyone in the past that will have a positive impact on me in the future?


Response from Robert (he sent it the message through etsy):

Hello Jazzie,

How are you today? I hope that you are well and that life is treating you kindly. It is a great pleasure to meet you and to be able to help you through the cards. As you have purchased both a three question reading and a 12 month projection we will begin first with your individual questions and then move on to your timeframe spread. In this first part of your reading I have asked Spirit for guidance and insight into your three questions through a series of three card spreads, and this is what the cards had to say.

In your first question you have asked what you need to do in order to get a job that you are happy with, and in response to this question you have drawn the Hermit, the Justice card, and the 8 of Pentacles. The first card that has been drawn in this spread is the Hermit and this is a card which represents looking inside of yourself as this is a card of introspection and is letting you know that in order to get a job that you can truly be happy with you must first take some time and space out for yourself so that you can examine what makes you happy in general – not in the context of work but instead what makes you happy in your life on a day to day basis. For instance, do you like meeting new people, or do you prefer keeping to yourself/whether you like helping people with their problems/indoors or outdoors – that kind of thing, as the Hermit represents knowing yourself and silently looking at who you are and working from this base level towards the knowledge of a job that will satisfy you. The Justice card takes the message of the Hermit in this spread one step further in that this is a card which advises allowing your logical mind to help you with this process by making a list of pros and cons when it comes to workplace conditions – so write down a list of what you do and don’t want to experience in the workplace and use this in conjunction with the knoweldge that you will gain of yourself and your inner motivations as represented by the message of introspection in this spread and then look for a job that ticks these boxes, rather than starting with an idea of a job and working towards it without examining these other areas first. Meanwhile the final card that has been drawn in this spread is the 8 of Pentacles and this is a card which represents being open to new skills and learning new techniques on the job – so approach different work options with an open mind and do not restrict yourself to things that you are qualified for as I feel as though there will be leeway for you to be considered for ! position s outside of your field of experience that you are not entirely confident about from the outset but that wil prove to be refreshing options for you nonetheless, so this is excellent news.

In your next question you have asked whether or not you wil be successful pursuing your degree as a social worker, and in response to this question you have drawn the Judgement card, the 6 of Wands, and the 4 of Pentacles. The first card that you have drawn in this spread is the Judgement card and this is a card which represents a moment of awakening for you which implies that you are on the right path with regards to this course of action and that this is an excellent path for you. The 6 of Wands meanwhile is confirming that you will be successful in pursuing your degree as a social worker as this is specifically a card which represents a shining moment of victory for you that has not been easily won, so I feel as though this card of positivity is a further sign of affirmation and confirmation for you with regards to the question that you have asked and is letting you know once again that you should be able to achieve your goal where this matter is concerned, so this is a very good thing. The final card that you have drawn in this spread is the 4 of Pentacles which shows you as being able to gradually build a solid career in this field as this is a card which represents slow but steady growth for you in this area and stable foundations which would imply that this will be a longterm vocation for you, so I feel as though this pursuit is definitely worth your time.

In your final question you have asked whether you have spoken to anyone in the past who will have a positive impact on you in the future, and in response to this question you have drawn the 5 of Wands, the Page of Pentacles, and the Empress. The 5 of Wands is the first card that has been drawn in this spread and this is a card which, in the context of this question, represents a group of people rather than one particular person who have had a positive impact on you and who you have spoken to in the past, however the Page of Pentacles is a card of small steps or small infliuences and is letting you know that these peopel have all contributed to your future in minor ways and have each played a small role – so I feel as though these cards are letting you know that there is no one particular person who stands out at this point in time in terms of making a positive impact on your life in the future, however I feel as though there will be someone for you on the path ahead who will make a very big impact on you as the Empress is the final card in this spread and this is a card which represents someone coming up for you in the future who will open you up to yourself and will pave the way for deeper and more profound methods of self-expression which will help with your growth on a personal level in the future, so I feel as though these will be someone who impacts on your life quite heavily in terms of your growth as a person but do not feel as though this person has entered your life yet and feel as though they are still up ahead on the path for you in the future (*hugs*).

Now that we have looked into your individual questions we will move on to look at what the next 12 months hold for you through a timeframe spread. This part of your reading is a 12 card tarot spread which provides a 12 month projection into your future. However as a special gift for you I have done one extra card/month for free because I am having a very good day and would liketo pass some of that extra positive energy on to you 🙂 To get the best result I used one card for each month starting with the month that we are currently in, and moving all the way through the year up to and including February 2014. I tuned in as I shuffled the deck and asked Spirit to guide the cards to tell me about your future. This is what they had to say.

The first card that has been drawn in this spread is the 7 of Cups, which represents the energies surrounding the remaining days in the current month of February. This is a card which suggests that during this month you will be coming into a period of change in your life in which you are faced with many different options. It is often confusing for us when we have many different paths to choose from, and it is an important message of this card that you should not rush into a decision during this time in your life, and that it is better for you to wait until you are solidly certain about something before you act. This card is also letting you know that if you are unable to decide upon a course of action, the Universe will eventually lend a helping hand in that the passage of time will erase the pathways that are not right or destined for you, leaving only one true path for you to follow – so make sure that you do not leap into anything too quickly during this month unless you are 100% certain of which way to turn and feel a strong intuitive certainty within your heart, as time will be your friend in this situation and patience a strong ally.

Your card for March is the 9 of Cups. The 9 of Cups is a card which shows strong feelings of contentment and fulfillment surrounding you this month and suggests that these feelings of contentment will extend to cover all areas of your life as the 9 of Cups is a card of a warm which extends to all relationships and connections that you hold. This is a card which shows the channels of communication opening up for you with the people in your life, and as such is letting you know that this will be a time in which you will experience a greater depth and richness when it comes to the emotional and mental ties that you share with people which will result in an inner glow and a happiness inside you that will radiate from you in an obvious manner. The 9 of Cups is also a card which represents dreams and wishes coming true for you, and is letting you know that the energies of the Universe will be more distinctly focused on you at this time to help you accomplish your goals and to bring your wishes into being, so this will be a very happy time for you in your life and you will enjoy every minute of the fond memories you will be creating 🙂

In April you drew the 10 of Wands. The 10 of Wands is a card which shows you taking extra burden upon your shoulders during this month – however although this is a card of hard work which shows that there will be extra pressures for you, this is also a card which represents an extra burden which has been taken up of your own inclination, so this is not extra work or pressure that has been placed upon you by someone else, but is something that you yourself have chosen or will choose to undertake of your own initiative. The 10 of Wands is letting you know that there may be times during this month where you feel moments of frustration and dissatisfaction with regards to this period of challenge in your life, however at the same time this is also a card of encouragement for you and is letting you know that if you are able to dig your heels in and give things one last push when you hit this barrier of frustration you are likely to meet with success, as the 10 of Wands is ultimately a card of positive energies and is very optimistic in nature, so I feel as though this will be a very rewarding time for you in your life as well as being a time of increased pressure and work for you, so there will be benefits as well as difficulties for you during this month.

The next card in your spread is the 4 of Swords, which was drawn for the month of May. The 4 of Swords is a card which represents the concept of rest and recuperation and as such is letting you know that this will be a time for you in your life in which you find a quiet place to yourself so that you can have time to recharge your spiritual batteries and gather your strength to face the challenges on the road ahead. This is a card which suggests that taking this time for yourself to think about aspects of your life that you would like to change or aspects of your life that you need more time to get your head around will be a very valuable experience, and as such will be useful in terms of helping you to decide what you would ideally like to happen next in your life and taking more decisive steps as a result to bring this into being. The 4 of Swords is also a card which is attached to the message of travel, and as such is letting you know that there may be a short trip or a weekend away for you during this period of time, and that this will be a happy experience for you which will help your process of spiritual revitalization – so this is a very good thing for you and will help you to better take advantage in your rested state of any opportunities that life throws your way in the future 🙂

Your card for June is the 2 of Pentacles. The 2 of Pentacles is a card which can often represent a moment of financial turmoil for you and as such is letting you know that during this month you are likely to find yourself a bit “short” where money is concerned. The 2 of Pentacles is usually tied to the message of unexpected expenses or bills, and is therefore letting you know that if it is at all possible it would be best for you to be a bit more cautious where money is concerned during and leading up to this month so that you are able to create a bit more of a financial buffer for yourself as a safety net during this time. Please do not be alarmed by the presence of this card in your spread as it is not anywhere near as strong a warning as the 5 of Pentacles when it comes to money matters, and as such is letting you know that although there is likely to be some financial instability for you during this juncture, it is the kind of instability which can be avoided through careful planning/budgeting and caution, so I do not feel as though this is something that you need to be too concerned about and feel as though this is something that is likely to be a small bump in your path but nothing more serious or lasting than this, so this is a very good thing.

In July you drew the Page of Swords. The Page of Swords is a card which shows you as being more “switched on” mentally when it comes to the way that you are feeling this month – so you will find yourself craving new stimulation in your life and will seek out new things to expand your horizons. This may be in the form of literature or new acquaintances, however the bottom line is that you will seek out people or references that will help you to grow and to become more as a person. The Page of Swords can also represent an increase in the amount of restless physical energy that you have, and as such you may find yourself wanting to stretch yourself in this area too, going out for a few more walks or branching out into a new activity that will all at once satisfy your need for new stimulation whilst at the same time addressing this extra energy that you have to expend in a physical sense – so this will be a very interesting time for you.

Your card for August is the Lovers. The Lovers is a card which has a dual meaning for you in this spread. Firstly, this is a card which represents a period in your life in which your romantic life is experiencing heightened success, as this card represents a deepening of connections for you in this area of your life and a greater intimacy between you and someone you care about a great deal. As such there will be a lot of warmth surrounding you in your personal life during this month and a lot of positive attention directed towards you and in which your emotional rapport with someone is strengthened, Meanwhile the Lovers is also a card which brings a message of you being at a crossroads period in your life – suggesting that during this time you will have the opportunity to right anything that has not been working out in the way that you would ideally want it to, as the Lovers is a card which implies that this is the time when the energies of the Universe are conducive to you putting things back on the right track – so the power is in your hands for you both to take a deeper look into your life in order to decide if you like the way that things have been going for you, and also for you to take the reign if you feel you would like to fix some things, as this is a time when it will not be hard for you to negotiate things back to a more favourable state if you take the first step in that direction. This will be a time of happiness and stronger connection and ties for you in your life, so I feel as though there will be a lot of positive energy surrounding you at this time.

In September you drew the 6 of Cups. The 6 of Cups is a card which is often associated with a “trip down memory lane”, as as such is letting you know that during this period of your life you are likely to become a lot more wistful and retrospective, choosing to focus on what has happened to you in the past and fondly looking back over old memories. This retrospective mood may be influenced for you by the re-introduction of an old friend or aquaintance, so it is possible that there will be a rekindling of energies between you and someone whom you once held dear but have since lost touch with. Alternatively this period of pleasant introspection may be triggered by a book or movie or a song – in either case this will be a time of happiness for you in which you explore old feelings and memories in a comfortable and enjoyable way that helps to fill you with new and harmonious energies 🙂

The next card in your spread is the 7 of Swords, which was drawn for the month of October. This is a card which represents unstable energies and shows that during this month it would be wise for you to keep your guard up emotionally when it comes to dealing with those around you who are close to your heart, as this is a card which represents unintentional betrayal and suggests that although no one will deliberately set out to cause you harm or pain during this month, there is likely to be a difficult period for you with someone you are close to which is likely to arise through a simple misunderstanding or slight oversight on their part. For instance they may end up having a “loose tongue” with confidential information, or you may find that someone lets you down through circumstances beyond their control when you are counting on them to be there for you. In either case, this card is letting you know that this moment of disappointment will not be intentially caused so try to let go and forgive quickly and move on, and once again be careful of what you say during this month so that nothing can come back to haunt you or be passed on to the wrong set of ears!

In November you drew the 6 of Swords. The 6 of Swords is a card which represents harmonious energies being restored into your life once again and shows that during this month you will consciously distance yourself form negative situations and will therefore leave the door open for the Universe to fill the void they once occupied with positive energies – so this will be a period in which you find that you are able to move forwards into a happier phase in your life and in which you find all the difficulty and trouble washing away from you and fading away into the background of your life as a distant memory. The 6 of Swords is also letting you know that there may be travel for you during this month, so it is likely that you will enjoy a short trip away in the early part of this timeframe period 🙂

Your card for December is the Devil. The Devil tells me that you will be entering a period of time in this month where money and material things will become particularly important to you. You may start putting some more money aside, or begin to collect things more avidly than you have done in the past as the need to suround yourself with material possessions or to hoard things and improve your surroundings grows inside you. This card is also a warning against letting yourself be bound to a situation due to monetary concerns. If you are staying in a situation that you are unhappy with because it keeps money in your pocket, then maybe it is time to rethink things as staying in this situation could be blocking potential fullfillment in other areas of your life. Finally the Devil is also letting you know that it will be good for you to keep a healthy balance between work and play in mind during this month, as the Devil is letting you know that there may be a tendency on your part to push ahead too heavily with work at the expense of your spiritual side at this juncture – so make sure you give your soul time and space to regenerate 🙂


The first card that you have drawn for 2014 is the Moon, which represents the energies surrounding the month of January. This card tells me that during this month you will experience an increase in the level of spiritual energy and spiritual ability surrounding you. Usually when this card is drawn it means that you will experience a rise in the level of vivid and colourful dreams and that these dreams will have a strong symbollic element as Spirit tries to bring messages forward to you through this avenue. As such it is worth writing down or taking note of any unusual or peculiar dreams during this period of time – especially those dreams that you will have that feel particularly real in their intensity as this is often a sign that there is a message being brought through. As you will experience an awkening in your spiritual side during this month, you will also find an associated awakening when it comes to your interest in the creative field, so it may be that you take up a few more creative pursuits such as writing or painting or playing an instrument (or give these pursuits some more time if you are already involved in them), or spend more time watching movies, or reading books, or going out to experience shows and other cultural and creative displays. This will be a very rewarding phase for you – however there is also the chance that there will be something that you are trying to distract yourself from during this time, as the Moon is a card which can lean towards the message of self-deception – so make sure that if you become unsettled in any way you allow yourself to see through to the heart of the matter as you have a lot of strength inside of you and will be able to face or overcome any matter which troubles you during this time, so this is excellent news.


The final card in your spread is the 5 of Wands, which was drawn for the month of February next year. The 5 of Wands is letting you know that this will be a month of discussion for you in which issues will be raised that are quite close to your heart. As such, this converstion is likely to become very heated in nature and may at times feel as though it is becoming a bit too intense for your liking and you may feel as though you want to step down or break off from the converstaion – however it is the advice of this card that the conversation will not be intentionally unsettling for you and will be a vehicle of good and sound advice for you, as the 5 of Wands is a card which represents the concept of a conversation acting as a bouncing wall for airing ideas and alternatives when it comes to getting your head around a moment of difficulty or a problem in your life. As such this card represents a moment in your life in which compromises will be made and suggestions taken into account, and as this card carries optimistic and positive energies I feel as though this discussion will be one in which a better set of results is achieved for all involved as an end result, and that this will be a time of improvement in your life and in your circumstances in which you are able to put negative energies to one side and move forwards to embrace the positive energy of the future.

In summary it seems as though there will be a lot of joy and opportunity for you in the coming months, however you will also experience some pitfalls in the form of the 2 of Pentacles, the 7 of Swords, and the Moon respectively. I have cast a good luck spell for you to cover these periods in the hope that it will help to attract some more good fortune and happiness into your life at the times when you need it the most. It has been a pleasure doing this reading for you and sharing this insight into your future.

In case you need any further readings in the future please visit my new websitewww.robertrenfield.com – I set it up the other year so that my prices can remain stable for regular clients!

Warmest and best wishes and blessed be,

Rob 🙂

Message from me:

Thank you very much for the reading and the extra months reading. May I ask why the devil card is not considered a pitfall too?

Thank you,


Message from Robert:

Hello Jazzie,

I do not consider the Devil card a pitfall as it is more a card of empowerment which shows the power as lying in your own hands to alter your situation at this time, and although it also represents pushing harder at work, this is also something that is a choice of your own and is therefore not a product of external forces impacting upon you and shows you as still having your own say in matters. I hope that this is of some help 🙂

Warmest and best wishes and blessed be,

Rob 🙂



My perspective on it:


Honestly I didn’t read the whole thing like I should have because I’m literally going month by month to see if what he said was true or close to true. As far as February and March I think the readings were somewhat on point but up in the air. I feel the same way about the questions that he answered. It just seems like the answers were very broad and if it does happen its just coincidence type thing. I did not enjoy this reading I actually felt it was a waste and that he too was just reading the info on cards. The only difference is he has a lot of experience doing it so he probably knows more depth into the information from the cards he uses.




Black History Moment…Inspired by the movie “The Help”

Black History Kinky Hair

I know I have not posted anything regarding black history on this blog and although it has crossed my mind…I still did not. So I decided to post something regarding black history for the last day of the month:

A few days ago, I just happened to watch the movie “The Help”. The movie was never appealing to me nor did I have any…motive to truly watch it but something just said,”Give it a chance and watch it.”  I can truly say I am glad I did watch it. It reminded me that being a black woman has so many things to it. As a black people and “colored” people we had to earn our place in society. We had to beat the odds and the hatred and fight for our place. So much of that is taken for granted. I think the strongest message I got from that movie was..Things will never change unless someone bring upon that change or idea. Don’t be afraid to want something that is different from everyone else’s idea or ideal. You want change and at least try to make change in order for something to happen and sometimes all people need is a tiny push to motivate them to jump on board for something greater.

With that being said, I would like to say that my heart goes out to everyone/anyone who has taken a chance and stood out for a better cause and even has lost their life trying to fight for a better cause even if you weren’t the ideal person or race that should have fought for it.

It brings so much joy to me to be able to say I am proud to be a black woman. There were times when I wished or even said that I was not black. I’ve been called some racist and horrible names for speaking my opinion, telling the truth and just appearing as I am. I’ve been teased  for having the skin color and hair that I have but I still smile. After going through what I’ve been through…even the racism faced from being in a interracial relationship from my exes family and the people who looked at us as if we didn’t belong. I truly can say that, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m happy to be black and I want to be someone who makes a difference but under my terms and no one else’s. So happy black history month everyone.



My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2012 (Part 3)

Going back to last year, Aug 9, 2013…The other shop I purchased from for a psychic reading was

Smokeyquartz by Sarah:


She was giving out free reading (actual 20 cents) and said she was new so I said, well okay lets give it a try. This is the reading she gave to me and my question for her:

Message from me:

My name is Jazzie..
My question is, how should I go about finding the correct direction or the most inner fulfillment direction for my career path? 
I am in college studying to become a school counselor. I only have a drive for college or a job in general, with the intent only receiving money because I feel I have to do it to satisfy the people around me. I have my jewelry which makes me happy the most and is truly the only thing towards a career I am doing that makes me happy. I believe it makes me happy because I am not doing it for the money at all…I just do it to make others happy, it just so happens to come with the benefit of money. I wish I could drop everything towards school and focus on my jewelry but its not enough to base my future off it.’

Message from Sarah:

Thank you for letting me do a reading for you, the cards I drew were the king of swords, the high priestess, and the lovers.

The king of swords could mean that you’ve had very creative ideas in the past.

The high priestess often means that you’ve had to lay down the law. She’s the keeper of mysteries and passion.

The lovers in your future could mean that you will be able to make your love of jewelry making a full time job. The lovers stand for everything your passionate about, and not letting anything stand in your way.

 I hope you enjoyed the reading, don’t forget to leave feedback J



My Review:

I didn’t really remember this reading it was quite a blur and it was a close to free reading plus she was new. She didn’t elaborate much on her readings but some people don’t. When I read this in the past it really didn’t help me but now that I am reading this today, I find some of it to be true to it word…somewhat. I have had VERY creative ideas in the past for my jewelry. I have had to “lay down the law” and let people know what it is and how I feel. I think the lovers in the future part was not for my jewelry but for my actually job, that I acquried two months after that I did love. So I think her reading was good but all in all, I had to make sense of it myself.


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2012 (Part 2)

For my experience I’m just going to give it to you guys 100% no sugar coating it. If I’m going to tell it, I like to tell it ALL.

My experience…

Now last year (August, 2012) I tried this tarot card reading for the first time online. I only did it to see how it was and I believe I had the thought in mind of my ex and I. A few years prior to that, when we were together we were going to go to a psychic but when we arrived there, it was closed. So I just said might as well give it try through the internet. Its safer that way anyways.

So I just bought the cheapest thing I saw on etsy. I bought from two different people. It cost me less than $2. I believe their profiles basically said that they were either new to tarot cards or wanted to practice so they opened up a etsy shop.

One of the  shops I went to was:

Bernice186 by Joshua https://www.etsy.com/shop/Bernice1886

I paid $0.99 for a reading. Joshua was the first one to get back to me with a message and a reading. Here’s what he sent me (I edited my name out and mind you there were a lot of typos so I corrected them…well the ones I saw):

Message from Joshua:

Hello and good evening. I would like to thank you for choosing Bernice’s Magic Shoppe. I have finished you’re reading and I will share with you my findings below. I hope you enjoy. Sadly my camera has decided to die on me. So it may take me a extra day or two to get that image to you, but no doubt I will send it :). I can however send you a scanned picture of the card for now until I can get my camra working again. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I will gladly give you a extra free reading for the inconvenience should you have another question. Just message me on etsy :).

Message from me:

My name is Jazzie…I like to be called Ja**** ****** lol.
My birth date/time August 28th, 1992 born at 4:52am
How should I go about aligning my mind with my heart, in agreeance, when it comes to my goals for my future?

Message from Joshua

The card I pull for you is the Yew card. The green man wisdom here is. Perseverance leads to achievement.


The perseverance associated with the yew is that of all life, which continues in the face of overwhelming odds and grows stronger because of it. Much of the yew’s symbolism is concerned with transcendence, the transformation that arises from death. However death does not necessarily mean physical ends here – more the end of one way of life and rebirth into a new one. So if you are contemplating some deep and lasting change in your life, this card is especially apposite. The kind of perseverance required to achieve such changes can be just as important as the determination to change. The Green Man wisdom here is clear. He suggests that if you continue to persevere,  the tasks you undertake are more likely to be achieved.

What did I learn from this reading or what message did I get from it?

Well the message I got from this reading was a message that I was already aware of. It was basically saying that if I want succeed in whatever I want to achieve I have to truly put and invest myself into to it. Now honestly, I do see how this really goes with the question I asked because I asked how do I go about aligning my mind with my heart when it came to my choices. He basically said I need to push through whatever I do. It did not say you should love what your doing or do what you want…which is what I always do and it makes me happy.So to me this reading was not really necessary and I wont say that it is inaccurate because I don’t think it is. I just know that it wasn’t they TYPE of answer I am looking for looking back at it now…months later. When I first read it, I thought it was awesome and applied to me greatly but things change.

How did I handle the reading given to me?

I did not take this reading to heart at all. Actually after the first day or two I believe I even forgot about it. I did not apply it myself or anything. I guess it was just a…playful event for me especially since I went for the cheapest thing.

To be continued, part 3….