Hair Journey Update: I Finally Got the Red I Wanted! Textures & Tones

MAYSo this month  I went for it! I know I said after dealing with Dark & Lovely that it would be my last run with dying my hair but I just had to give it another try. I used textures and tones Red Hot. The lightest red that they had available. This time around I didn’t suffer and any tangles. I left it in my hair for maybe 32 min because I was watching Bad Girls Club Reunion (TEAM SHANROCK!) lol.

I am sooo happy with the results. I rinsed my hair with cold to warm water. Then instead of using shampoo I used ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to clean my hair. I used the conditioner provided with the dye. My hair loooves that conditioner I think I will switch to that conditioner whenever I clean my hair from now on even though its sulfate. I only wash my hair maybe once or twice a month. Here are the results, in the photo and no I haven’t suffered any major hair loss just the regular shedding. I had just finished moisturizing and sealing my hair so my shrinkage had set in. When I take my photos of my hair progress I usually have my hair fluffed out using water only.

In the photo I have my hair braided in the front in preparation for my half wig. I’m not the best braider lol so don’t make fun of me, I try! The earrings I made, I plan on wearing them for graduation. I really want to wear my natural hair for graduation but when I told my mom she looked at me and said NO you can wear your natural hair any day but graduation. Honestly I agree even though it seems as though its against the whole going natural journey I still don’t feel comfortable with everyone seeing my hair yet. I do plan on wearing my natural hair by the end of this year though.

lllI can honestly say that this will be the last time I dye my hair. I got the results I have been wanting for a very long time and the point behind me dying my hair was just so that I can see my growth progress better. Plus once my hair grows to my desired length, 23 inches, it will look like a nice ombre color :D…unless I end up trimming it .

Heres my length check for this month. That was my hair in January/Feb now its May. Doesn’t look like much of a difference but its grown a tiny bit…might be due to me dying my hair too much. Hopefully by December I’ll be able to see a huge difference.


Hair Journey: Summer Ideas For Hair…

I’ve really been wanting something new for my hair but since I’m tied up in classes and doing hair is time consuming Im planning for the summer. I’ve been thinking about going back to a sew-in or tracks…whatever they call them now days. But that is absolutely out of the question. Using tracks (for me) equals blending in my hair which means I have to use a brush and that will eventually lead to unnecessary hair loss in whatever part of my hair I continuously brush in order to blend it in.I have been considering making my own half wig or buying a half wig but I really want to stay away from having to blend my hair with things because that’s how my hair begins to thin. But its still a strong possibility. The two main ideas that I really want to pursue and do myself are tree braids or starting box braids and leaving the rest of the hair out so I can style it freely.

kinky curly hair inspiration

Right now, these are my kinky curly inspirations for the type of hair I have been looking for (I lightened the photos so you could see the curl pattern better).The photo to the top left is from The photo to the top right is from rpgshow. The photo to the bottom left is from The bottom right is from         (I DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING FROM ANY OF THESE SITES IM JUST TELLING YOU WHERE I GOT THE PHOTOS FROM).

kinky curly half wigs

Here are some half wigs I have found that I would order if I decided to purchase them. The 1st photo is New Born Free 13018 Spring Half Wig, 2nd photo It’s a Wig FC Perm Yaki Africa, 3rd photo Outre Evony (I’ve had Evony before and she starts out great but she puffs up so much it can be too much to handle, unless you love big hair your going to be trimming that wig like crazy) and 4th photo Its a Wig Fame.

kinky curly braiding hairLast but not least the hair that I am probably going to purchase. Here is the braiding hair I came upon that I plan to use toward my tree braids or leave out box braids experiment.

1st Photo Is Sentionnel Jerry Curl Bulk, 2nd Photo Encore New Deep Bulk By Janet Collection, 3rd Photo Freetress Synthetic Hair Braid Deep Twist Bulk 22, 4th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid Brazilian Curl (Neotura), 5th Photo Hh Water Bulk 18″ By Janet Collection, 6th Photo Outre Vivid Finest Quality Synthetic Blend Bulk – Bohemian Bulk, 7th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid Twin Deep (Neotura), 8th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid French Super, 9th Photo Outre Synthetic Braid Batik Deep Wave Bulk 18


HairFinity Pills is a WASTE…

I’m not trying to bash Hair Finity but some of these women need to know the truth. Educate yourself on hair before you invest in pills.

The reason why I say this is because I have looked at their Facebook page and have seen so many women ordering this product including myself and its like…to me it seems the women who have ordered the product know absolutely NOTHING about their hair. They think that if they take these pills their hair will just magically grow but that’s not true. If you take care of your hair and MOISTURIZE regularly your hair is going to grow and if it doesn’t seem like it is growing then it is probably time for you to do a touch up on your ends. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Even if you eat junk food or not the healthiest, your hair is going to grow regardless unless you have a disease that may limit that.

I ordered those pills in hopes to speed up my hair growth process but while I was taking them I really didnt feel motivated to take them and honestly I didn’t notice a difference. My hair was growing fine before I was even taking the pills. Also they are too damn expensive. In 3 months you will have spent over $70 on those pills when you could have bought some pure boiton along with some vitamin pills that would cost under $20 and last you longer than a month. To me Hair finity is just a rip off honestly.

Its like when women decide to take pills to lose weight instead of working out and eating healthier. Like I said in the beginning learn more about hair before you invest in pills, you’ll save time and money if you do so.