6 – Q & A (Questions & Answers)

Q & A #6

* What is your favourite color? *

My favorite color has and probably will always be pink. But I am very attracted to Earth tones: brown, peach, beige.

* Who is your favorite actor? *

Johnny Depp hands down. I love his oddness and roles. He’s so inspirational. Everytime I see one of his movies, it speaks to me saying, “It’s okay to be yourself people will still love you for who you are”.

* First person you talked to today? *

I think it was either my mom or someone on Texas Holdem lol.

* What is your favorite store? *

In my area there is a store called Wegmans. Love it there, great customer service. You  can get in and get out.

* Have you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about? *

Masturbate. Yup, I said it.

* Can you keep white shoes clean? *

Yes. My secret is bathroom cleaner. I just spray the foamy bathroom cleaner on my sneakers, leave it on for a few seconds and then wipe it up with a tissue or a rag and there clean. Brand new. Although it does not work on the shoe strands.