Making Money Online: My 2nd Check from CashCrate…

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys or

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys

This is my second check from cashcrate for the month of June. The prior to it was for the month of August. I was surprised to get it in mail I had completely forgotten that I was suppose to get a check lol BUT I was happy. So I earned $31.39 for the total of last month and all together I’ve earned $61.23 from Cashcrate :).

Right now Cashcrate is the only site I am 100% is legit. I’ve cashed my check and had no fraud nothing. I could have gotten more money too if I would have put the time in but I didn’t.

You can earn too by signing up using my link (I can’t direct use the actual cashcrate link because wordpress blocked it. I’m guessing some people abused their privilege and spammed their cashcrrate links which resulted in wordpress making it so the link can’t be posted.) If you do sign up because you saw this please use my link I’ve provided. I’m trying to use this money to pay off my debt so I have a bright future and can continue to pursue my college education. Right now I have it on hold because my finances aren’t up like they should be but I am learning new ways to invest and save money. I’ve really put a tamper on my spending and try to save anything that I know I wont be using or need.


Free Dr. Scholl’s Insoles from Bzzagent

reviewWhen I first heard of this website I was so excited to try it because it was new to me and I don’t think anyone else I know has heard of it. So I gave it a try and filled out ALL of the surveys they provided. Afterward i qualified for some free Dr. Scholl’s Insoles. I have to say I’m glad I took the time to even work with Bzzagent. These insoles are the BOMB DOT COM! They are so comfortable and they fit just right, mind you I have big feet (size 9). I put them in my sandals because thats all I wear and they still work just as good as they would work using sneakers. I love love love it! The thing I love about it is EVERYONE can get in on it. Not just me. If you guys don;t know about Bzzagent then you should sign up now and start getting some free stuff like me.


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2012 (Part 3)

Going back to last year, Aug 9, 2013…The other shop I purchased from for a psychic reading was

Smokeyquartz by Sarah:

She was giving out free reading (actual 20 cents) and said she was new so I said, well okay lets give it a try. This is the reading she gave to me and my question for her:

Message from me:

My name is Jazzie..
My question is, how should I go about finding the correct direction or the most inner fulfillment direction for my career path? 
I am in college studying to become a school counselor. I only have a drive for college or a job in general, with the intent only receiving money because I feel I have to do it to satisfy the people around me. I have my jewelry which makes me happy the most and is truly the only thing towards a career I am doing that makes me happy. I believe it makes me happy because I am not doing it for the money at all…I just do it to make others happy, it just so happens to come with the benefit of money. I wish I could drop everything towards school and focus on my jewelry but its not enough to base my future off it.’

Message from Sarah:

Thank you for letting me do a reading for you, the cards I drew were the king of swords, the high priestess, and the lovers.

The king of swords could mean that you’ve had very creative ideas in the past.

The high priestess often means that you’ve had to lay down the law. She’s the keeper of mysteries and passion.

The lovers in your future could mean that you will be able to make your love of jewelry making a full time job. The lovers stand for everything your passionate about, and not letting anything stand in your way.

 I hope you enjoyed the reading, don’t forget to leave feedback J



My Review:

I didn’t really remember this reading it was quite a blur and it was a close to free reading plus she was new. She didn’t elaborate much on her readings but some people don’t. When I read this in the past it really didn’t help me but now that I am reading this today, I find some of it to be true to it word…somewhat. I have had VERY creative ideas in the past for my jewelry. I have had to “lay down the law” and let people know what it is and how I feel. I think the lovers in the future part was not for my jewelry but for my actually job, that I acquried two months after that I did love. So I think her reading was good but all in all, I had to make sense of it myself.