A New Blog? For More Than Just Hair

I really do like this blog and I have posted a lot of things that I can go back and check myself but I have been thinking in the back of my mind about having a new blog. ¬†I mean the main reason behind me creating this blog was to track my hair journey and right now, theres so much more going on with my life than “just hair”. Thats the main reason I barely post here but I post on my tumblr because Im at a point where its no longer about hair and Im currently at the phase where Im done with research and I’m learning about my hair on my own instead og “googling” all the answers or asking someone instead of finding out myself. So I think I will begin working on a new blog and once I get it flowing correctly with posts.


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2012 (Part 3)

Going back to last year, Aug 9, 2013…The other shop I purchased from for a psychic reading was

Smokeyquartz by Sarah:


She was giving out free reading (actual 20 cents) and said she was new so I said, well okay lets give it a try. This is the reading she gave to me and my question for her:

Message from me:

My name is Jazzie..
My question is, how should I go about finding the correct direction or the most inner fulfillment direction for my career path? 
I am in college studying to become a school counselor. I only have a drive for college or a job in general, with the intent only receiving money because I feel I have to do it to satisfy the people around me. I have my jewelry which makes me happy the most and is truly the only thing towards a career I am doing that makes me happy. I believe it makes me happy because I am not doing it for the money at all…I just do it to make others happy, it just so happens to come with the benefit of money. I wish I could drop everything towards school and focus on my jewelry but its not enough to base my future off it.’

Message from Sarah:

Thank you for letting me do a reading for you, the cards I drew were the king of swords, the high priestess, and the lovers.

The king of swords could mean that you’ve had very creative ideas in the past.

The high priestess often means that you’ve had to lay down the law. She’s the keeper of mysteries and passion.

The lovers in your future could mean that you will be able to make your love of jewelry making a full time job. The lovers stand for everything your passionate about, and not letting anything stand in your way.

 I hope you enjoyed the reading, don’t forget to leave feedback J



My Review:

I didn’t really remember this reading it was quite a blur and it was a close to free reading plus she was new. She didn’t elaborate much on her readings but some people don’t. When I read this in the past it really didn’t help me but now that I am reading this today, I find some of it to be true to it word…somewhat. I have had VERY creative ideas in the past for my jewelry. I have had to “lay down the law” and let people know what it is and how I feel. I think the lovers in the future part was not for my jewelry but for my actually job, that I acquried two months after that I did love. So I think her reading was good but all in all, I had to make sense of it myself.


Journey to Becoming A Social Worker: I Don’t Like My Job Anymore (Nursing Home)

black-woman-stressedI work at a nursing home that refuses to admit that its an actual nursing home. They’re delicate to calling the people that reside there: “Old people”, “patients” or “the¬†elderly”. Instead they refer to them as “residents”. They even have a catholic church in the home so the residents don’t have to leave and they can go anytime they want. I really enjoyed the fact that they¬†seemingly take¬†good care of their residents and respect them.

I’m a college student and I am currently majoring in Human Services to become a Social Worker…I want a master’s degree in the field. As of now I am taking a human services course that requires me to get a certain amount of hours (115 hours) actually working somewhere so I decided to use the place I work.

For a while now I have been losing my passion and motivation to actually work at this place. But a conversation between my supervisor and I topped the cake. Never am I disrespectful to anyone nor do I bother anyone. I try my best and do what I can.

Days prior to this situation I had been talking to some residents…as seemingly nice and nurturing the home is, none of the residents are truly happy. I’ve heard things like,”We do the same damn thing every day” or “I have no more family, no home…what now, I’m not happy here” and even from the people I work with “These people don’t give a damn about us, I’ve been working here over 20 years and I still have no say in what goes on, no one listens to you or cares”. You know what? Its true.

I remember volunteering for FREE to help this woman with an event because my supervisor suggested it and I was looking to do something new. The woman had an event coming where the residents had to perform a song with bells and children singing in the background,¬†in front¬†of the higher up staff (Ceo, vice president, etc). I went to help her and it turned out that she didn’t need help. I was literally standing there doing nothing. She wanted me to help the residents¬†every time¬†something was wrong with their bell. When something was wrong with their bell, either she would tell them and if she told me to go help them, they would look at me like…”Do you think I’m dumb or is it you?” So I brought this to my supervisor’s attention and she told me well she does need help which was true. BUT she didn’t need MY help, she needed a different type of help. The woman was just stressed and flustered about the event so the next day I was suppose to help her I just called in sick.

Another thing that I noticed which made me never want to work here again is that all of the people of different¬†ethnicity¬† work where you can not see them. You know who see’s them all the time? The residents. They don’t work where they’re in the front of the building where people come to visit or where the people who are not employed there come the most, unless its a janitor cleaning up around the building. You know where I see most of the black people? In the basement on the ground floor, either cleaning or cooking. I’ve yet to see a black man/woman, Asian, Latino in a business suit in this building or wearing a white doctors coat. Everyone who works higher up or where the visitors come are WHITE.

Aside from this and my perspective: My supervisor and I have to meet up every so often to sign papers and discuss how I am doing and what I am doing for my courses hour logs. In the past I really enjoyed the strictly “work” relationship I have had with my supervisor. She seems to keep it on that level and I really did respect and enjoy her for that. She is a very busy woman and sometimes seems uptight. So throughout the time I have been there I hardly ever meet up with her and when I do its always a rush.

This past Monday I met with her to sign some papers and overview my goals working there. So I showed her my papers and discussed my goals. Now I had set my goals to things I felt I needed to work on and things that I actually do and KNOW. She looked at my goals and said,”These goals are too simplistic, your focusing too much on the work and not enough on what this¬†building¬†is about.” Now I was not offended by what she said at first but the comments after that offended me to high heavens. I’m not the neatest or the fastest writer mind you, so I had to write it out¬†in front¬†of her the suggestions she gave me. When giving me the suggestions she said I need to look at the bigger picture and know the departments, what everyone does and how things are processed. Then as she told me these things she would stop and say,”Do you know what that means” or “Do you know how to spell that?” (I misspelled ONE word once last year, now she thinks I’m a¬†dumb ass). Then when she finished telling me all these things and assigning me to learn them…as she was signing my paper she said,”I doubt your professor will accept this but I’ll sign it”. Even though this may sound like its a simple situation, it was really her tone and her expressions that gave off that “I’m intentionally being rude because I am your supervisor and you need me for your grades” feel. Then she rushed me off.

After meeting with her, I felt like crap, horrible and¬†embarrassed¬† I’ve never done or said anything disrespectful to her. I’ve been nothing but¬†polite or at least tried.

I have come to her and told her that one of the staff employees were rude and lazy (which I think after her running her mouth got back around to him because he rolled his eyes at me once when he saw me). I’m not sure if this has anything to do with that but from now on I have decided that I will NO LONGER go out of my way to help out at my job. I will no longer do what I don’t have to do. If it is someone else’s job to do it then I’m not doing it, simple as that. I’m tired of being nice and helpful then getting slapped in the face. I don’t care if it effects my grade in class, if anything I will go to my school and tell them about my¬†situation¬†with my supervisor to protect other students who may choose to use their fieldwork toward that place. I don’t appreciate being¬†under-appreciated¬†and I won’t be. After May has come and gone for this semester. I am quitting and never coming back. In the future (when I’m not working there and gone from thought) I WILL be mentioning this companies name so that people are aware what type of place this truly is.


Love and Lots of Sympathy for Strangers….

So this week or month has been so crazy for me. I must be feeling some type of way. My dreams have been so weird sometimes I am afraid to sleep. Outside of my dreams I find myself connecting and feeling for people so easily and not in a “fallen” or crush type way but in ¬†a pure¬†I CARE¬†type of way. I’m not too sure why I have been feeling this way but I have been so sensitive to people more than ever. I feel like I’m pouring my heart out for everyone and not in a sense that I’m going to get trampled over but in a sense that…I’m caring for all of these people even complete strangers or people who probably don’t think twice about me and I don’t even care for myself that much.

I mean if someone were to walk up to me and ask me for help and its in my ability to help them, I’ll help them and then some. Like the other day I was in Walmart shopping for some beads and material because I make jewelry and this woman stopped next to me. Mind you for about 10 minutes she had been arguing with her probably…5 or 6 year old child in the other aisle, to “act right” as if she couldn’t handle him. She was very loud and I actually began to get annoyed. So she comes into my aisle, looks around then looks into my cart and see’s I have jewelry supply in it so she asks me,”What do I need to make earrings?” So I told her, showed her and even picked out what she needed…gave her some websites she could go to online and what to find to create the jewelry…I even ended up telling her how to make bracelets and necklaces lol.

I don’t mind helping people out at all. Its what i do, its what I love to do and it comes natural. I just feel as though I don’t have a balance on it. Right now its¬†loose, sloppy and all over the place. Being the Virgo that I am…I beat myself up a lot abut it and I’m trying to learn ways to take my negative thoughts toward myself and look at the light in the situations that occur in my life. I just really wish I had some guidance or someone to give me some hints or tips…but you know there are some things you just have to figure out on your own.


Hair Journey Update: Box Braids, Length Checks, After Effects of Dyed Hair

So here’s a recap of my hair journey so far when it comes to styling….

Around July last year, I decided to go natural, transitioning. I¬†hid my hair under half wigs. Skip to November I decided to big chop because I got tired of¬†fighting¬†two textures; relaxed and natural.¬†December, I¬†braided¬†my hair into box braids, inspired by Janet Jackson…I was watching Poetic Justice. January, I made the¬†decision¬†to dye my hair using Carols dye, it was plum but I failed to really retain the color (I’m thinking about¬†re-dyeing¬†it next month). February, I finished braiding my hair into box braids. I’ve made the decision that box braids will now be my primary style since I can no longer¬†successfully¬†blend my hair into half wigs.

2-8-13 4So this is my hair my hair when I was braiding it. It’s now fully braided. I did not take any photos of it finished because I didn’t think it mattered. I did want to show photos of it braided and out though because you could see my dyed hair¬†color in the photo and the texture a lot better. These photos were taken 1/27/12.

How I have been dealing with my texture/Length Check….

4c kinky hair length checkWell the reason why I big chopped was because I got tired of dealing with two textures. Not only that but my hair wasn’t really¬†cooperating¬†with natural products. My relaxed hair reacted fine to everything but my natural hair is a DIVA, it doesn’t just take any old thing lol. So after I big chopped I dealt with my high porosity hair. I found the short term solution to it was moisturizing with conditioner…Jason natural conditioner. Then I found carols curling cream, combined with Pink Lusters Growth which helped keep my hair¬†moisturized¬†and soft but after I ran out of Pink Lusters Growth, I discovered that Carols curling cream by itself is horrible and it is prone to build up. So I went back to using conditioner as my moisturizer. Now at this moment I’m still using carols curl (only to stretch my products so I don’t go through them fast) to moisturize my hair but its mixed with conditioner and rosemary oil. Its working great for now but I JUST ordered some custom made moisturizer from a guru on FB, cost me $50. I WILL be doing a review on it with photos and I will use it on my hair while its braided and when its un-braided.

As for the length check, I have NEVER done one before. I felt like something was missing on this blog and I realized it was the essential LENGTH CHECK photos!! So from month to month I will be show length check photos and my progress.

2-8-13 3After Effects of dying my hair..

After dying my hair I have not really been experiencing any¬†dryness¬†although while its braided my scalp has been feeling a little dry. I think that has to do with my slowing down on¬†moisturizing¬† I have been getting a little lazy…I used to moisturize 2 times a day but now only one…but¬†tonight¬†I will put the time in. The only thing that I have been really facing after I dyed my hair is knots at the ends of my hair (like in the photo shown with the red circle). Before I dyed my hair I have never¬†experienced¬†that but now I am. Other than that my hair hasn’t been shedding as much. I also¬†haven’t¬†been using any brushing or combs in my hair (except when parting it for braiding). My texture has really been showing great and I love it.

So¬†that’s¬†my hair update for now :).

Thank you,


Hair Journey Update: I Dyed My Hair Using Textures & Tones…Carson Roots of Nature Products Suck!

So I have not updated on my hair journey since Dec. 16. Lets start with what I have been going through since then…

carson softsheen natures of rootsThe first couple of days after taking my box braids out I was¬†experiencing¬†some¬†dryness¬†and rough hair from product build up. It turns out it wasn’t me it was the actual product that I was using as a moisturizer. I had been using softsheen carson roots of nature feathered curl whip cream to moisturize my hair and over time I began to notice how my hair looked and felt very dry the next day but when I spritzed it with water it felt dry. So I took it to the internet and try to find out what was going then I read some reviews on carsons products. Turns out I’m not the only ne having this experience in fact, a lot of women who use the product said over time their hair just doesn’t like the product anymore or the product causes build up…which is exactly what I’m going through. So I have the deep conditioner, 2 bottles of whipped cream curl, the shampoo and 2 bottles of moisturizer…none of them work on my hair properly. So as my moisturizer I had to switch back to using my¬†conditioner¬†“Jason Super Shine Apricot Conditioner” which is an organic product. Its the only¬†conditioner¬†that moisturizers my hair good and right now I’m completely out of it so I’m going to have to run to the store to get some more. This time I will get a different fragrance because the Apricot, no offense/don’t judge me, smells like breath.

So now my regimen is:

  1. Spritzing my hair with water mixed with rosemary oil…A lot of women have told me that I should hold back on the rosemary oil but it works great on my hair, in fact it actually makes it easier to detangle my hair. Something abut rosemary oil penetrates my scalp like a hot shower opens up the pores.
  2. After spritzing my hair I moisturize my hair with Jason Super Shine Apricot Conditioner then I put a shower cap n for 30 min to an hour to make sure the conditioner penetrates my hair.
  3. After the time has passed I take off the shower cap and seal my hair with olive oil/rosemary mix. Olive oil works good on my hair…better than any other oil I have tried.

1dyeWith this regimen I dyed my hair. I was sooo scared but I just went for it. I didn’t do any research except googling if you¬†should¬†wash your hair before dying which is a huge NO and if you do, wait one day after you have done so

The dye I used was Texture & Tones with the hair color 3rv Plum. Let me just say I failed. I had no clue how to put the color on my hair and I was scared to leave it on because I know dying your hair could cause dryness and breakage so I took it off after 20 minutes even though your suppose to wait 30 minutes if you are natural. So heres the result and as you can see theres not much of a difference. The color only shows when I’m in the light outside, it was dark out yesterday when I took these photos so I could not use natural light.textures and tones plum dye

So the question for me is, Am I still natural even if I dyed my hair?

My answer: Fuck yeah am I!

I wear half wigs, I dyed my hair and I’m still natural, problem?

Last but not least here is my growth since now the big chop! So proud of myself.

progress big chop