Hair Journey Update: Damage From Dye & The Past..Recap

Well its been a long time since I have updated about my hair journey and hair growth goodness I dont know where to start or where I left off so I will just start by telling what I remember and whats going on right now.

Over the months of this year I dyed my hair 3 times. The final time in May, I finally got the results I was looking for which were red. For the month on June I basically went without my Texturemenatural products so I really was not on top of moisturizing my hair like that.

Fast forward to July I finally received my texturemenatural products and began to moisturize my hair. I then noticed that 1the roots of my hair were healthy but the tips would not take in any moisturizer and my hair was shedding like crazy. I mean I lost A LOT of hair! I was getting ready to take photos of my hair at the time to update my blog so I began detangling it with my wide tooth comb. Let me tell you, I have NEVER had such a hard time detangling my hair in my entire LIFE and it wasn’t even as long as it originally was. Hair was falling EVERYWHERE after detangling all of my hair it was STILL TANLGLED!! So I braided it down and washed my hair with acv (Apple Cider Vinegar). (I got some of the apple cider vinegar on my face and I broke out like a motherf*cker the very next day.) After I finished with the acv I put some  leave in conditioner in my hair and the conditioner wouldn’t take to my hair either. It took to the roots but not the ends. Here is a photo of how my hair was looking.

So I went to the internet I did a little research and asked some questions. I did a little something with some tea to revive it but it did not work. At first I thought all I needed was some dusting of my ends because I hadn’t cut my hair in a looong time. But then as I began to cut my hair in sections I realized that I had dyed my hair so much that the ends had been damaged badly. The only reason I knew this because my ends were like that throughout my hair. If it were something else all of my ends would have been split or shedding so much. So after cutting my hair I began to de-tangle it again, it was simple as pie!

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of how my hair looks after the trimming but I definitely took a huge step back growth wise. I had to cut of about HALF of my hair. I went from shoulder length to mid neck length hair. Now I know that I am completely done with dying my hair. Plus the only reason I wanted to dye my hair was so that I could see how much my hair is growing and I got that. So there is no need for dying the rest of my hair. Besides by the time my hair reaches a certain length I’m pretty sure the hair that I had dyed will be gone due to me trimming my ends. So I’m not worried at all.

Right now I braiding my hair in big box braids, about 35 braids using kanekalon hair. Oh and ALSO as I was braiding my 2hair and sectioning it I found something out! I have more than one texture in my hair. That’s answers my question I kept to myself “Why does my hair in the middle of my head take to moisture more?” And the reason why is because its a different texture. I’m not sure what texture it is but the curls are a lot bigger than 4c. The photo I have of them really doesn’t show how curly it is…maybe when my hair grows a little longer I can show it more.

But overall I am very happy with my hair journey. Since this is just a hair journey update I wont tell about anything else I would include how I’m feeling and where my mind set is right now in another post probably for tomorrow morning.

Below are photos of ALL of my progress since November 2012. From my day after my big chop of struggling with high porosity hair to seeing growth to finding the perfect regimen for my hair and lessons learned. I can’t wait until Novermber 2013 so I can compare photos and see my growth. Even though I had to cut my hair I know its A LOT longer than what it was when I started.





4c kinky hair length check

2-8-13 4

progress big chop




HairFinity Pills is a WASTE…

I’m not trying to bash Hair Finity but some of these women need to know the truth. Educate yourself on hair before you invest in pills.

The reason why I say this is because I have looked at their Facebook page and have seen so many women ordering this product including myself and its like…to me it seems the women who have ordered the product know absolutely NOTHING about their hair. They think that if they take these pills their hair will just magically grow but that’s not true. If you take care of your hair and MOISTURIZE regularly your hair is going to grow and if it doesn’t seem like it is growing then it is probably time for you to do a touch up on your ends. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Even if you eat junk food or not the healthiest, your hair is going to grow regardless unless you have a disease that may limit that.

I ordered those pills in hopes to speed up my hair growth process but while I was taking them I really didnt feel motivated to take them and honestly I didn’t notice a difference. My hair was growing fine before I was even taking the pills. Also they are too damn expensive. In 3 months you will have spent over $70 on those pills when you could have bought some pure boiton along with some vitamin pills that would cost under $20 and last you longer than a month. To me Hair finity is just a rip off honestly.

Its like when women decide to take pills to lose weight instead of working out and eating healthier. Like I said in the beginning learn more about hair before you invest in pills, you’ll save time and money if you do so.


HairFinity…I Gave In..

I have been very well aware of hairfinity but I was against buying it because the price is too high…$30 total for one bottle , the fact that I don’t know if it will work or not for me, is a factor that strongly played a role. If it does work….$30 a month is a lot to be spending per month…after 12 months I will have spent $360… that’s a lot of money! But if it works, it works so I’m giving it a try.

I had a discussion with a few people that use it…they told me how not only does it have boiton but it has other minerals in it to help your hair grow, its much healthier than what other hair growth products are…Everyone was raving how their hair grew, they saw results..etc. While there is evidence of women from photos, whose hair has grown….I really haven’t seen any who have the desired length or hair type as  mine..with long 4c  hair un-stretched past their..lets say past their elbows. I have not seen it! But anyway yes I’m going to give the hairfinity a try and see how it works for me. I just want my desired length fulfilled.