Making Money Online: My 2nd Check from CashCrate…

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys or

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys

This is my second check from cashcrate for the month of June. The prior to it was for the month of August. I was surprised to get it in mail I had completely forgotten that I was suppose to get a check lol BUT I was happy. So I earned $31.39 for the total of last month and all together I’ve earned $61.23 from Cashcrate :).

Right now Cashcrate is the only site I am 100% is legit. I’ve cashed my check and had no fraud nothing. I could have gotten more money too if I would have put the time in but I didn’t.

You can earn too by signing up using my link (I can’t direct use the actual cashcrate link because wordpress blocked it. I’m guessing some people abused their privilege and spammed their cashcrrate links which resulted in wordpress making it so the link can’t be posted.) If you do sign up because you saw this please use my link I’ve provided. I’m trying to use this money to pay off my debt so I have a bright future and can continue to pursue my college education. Right now I have it on hold because my finances aren’t up like they should be but I am learning new ways to invest and save money. I’ve really put a tamper on my spending and try to save anything that I know I wont be using or need.


According to Psychic Readings June is Not Going to be Good Month for me..

So I hit up a few psychics on Etsy this year just to test the waters and do reviews on them. One thing I did get from the various shops is that June specifically is suppose to be a “trying” month for me. In one review a tarrot reader did for me which was on video (I did not post it) she told me that she keeps getting negative things for me around June. The same with a tarrot card reader that did a reading for me for month to month. They only thing I can do it wait and see if its true. From where Im standing now I do not see how. My college courses and books are paid for. I’m graduating. I’m slowly paying off paypal and my bank. I’m making money using Cashcrate. I don’t want to say what could go aroung but I definitely don’t see anything happening that would be a “crisis”. So we’ll see and I will definitely be doing a update on it.