Hair Journey: Big Chop Experience so far…

Fighting with Moisture

When I was transitioning I did not have to moisturize my hair nearly as much as I am now. The other day my hair felt pretty moist then today it just felt as dry as ever! Its a little frustrating. I think there are 3 reasons why my hair is so dry.

  • ONE: A combination of High Porosity and heat Damage from so much blow drying over the past. I used to let my hair just naturally dry but it would tangle so I stopped doing it and took the easier route…blow drying. I have no stopped blow drying and I let my hair naturally dry….have I really seen a difference? No, still has the same effect, my hair is pretty dry either way.

I watched a Youtube Guru the other day that just happened to cross my mind, LeobodyC5…she has insanely long natural hair, love it! As I was watching one of her videos on her hair routine she mentioned how at one point she had to cut a tremendous amount of hair because it was damaged from too much blow drying or heat damage. So right now I’m wondering if I should big chop again this time ALL my hair or am  I in another phase of transitioning…grow 3 inches of hair and cut off all that I have right now…hmm

  • TWO: It’s dry because I big chopped…a lot of women said they had a to constantly moisturize when they big chopped because their hair was so dry.
  • THREE: I have a very strong feeling it probably has to do with the product I’m using to moisturize. I’m using African Pride Moisturizing Lotion…it’s a very thin moisturizer so that may be my problem right there.  Right now I’m looking for a thick product that I can use…I really hate this whole trial and error thing because who wants to keep spending there money? Lol..

What am I doing to correct this?

Searching for a new moisturizing product. The next product I will try for my moisturizer…I don’t know..I have this list of moisturizers, conditioners, shampoos for naturals from this facebook group that I am in..I’ll post it later on today and highlight the products of interest to me. One product that I keep hearing about is Sheabutter…or something like that…I wouldn’t mind purchasing it but I hate using the same thing that EVERYONE seems to be using I want to try something different.

Also while I search for a new moisturizers I’m moisturizing my hair constantly…I moisturize in the morning and at night…sometimes in the afternoon.

So this is what I am having difficulties with right now.