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Its a fresh start for me ūüôā



A New Blog? For More Than Just Hair

I really do like this blog and I have posted a lot of things that I can go back and check myself but I have been thinking in the back of my mind about having a new blog. ¬†I mean the main reason behind me creating this blog was to track my hair journey and right now, theres so much more going on with my life than “just hair”. Thats the main reason I barely post here but I post on my tumblr because Im at a point where its no longer about hair and Im currently at the phase where Im done with research and I’m learning about my hair on my own instead og “googling” all the answers or asking someone instead of finding out myself. So I think I will begin working on a new blog and once I get it flowing correctly with posts.


Journey to Becoming a Social Worker: College Life & Grades!

Sooo this year I am suppose to be¬†graduating “early”¬†June 1st. I have two courses during the Summer I have to take then I’m Natural Hair is Beautiful (50)completely done! Thank God! Since there is only one graduation ceremony per year, my college allows you to graduate early as long as you have two or one courses left to complete and they are already paid for prior to registering for graduation. I’m not sure if any other colleges practice that or not but I just found that out thanks to my new EOP counselor. I had my old EOP counselor for two years and up until 2 months ago I reluctantly switched due to traveling reasons. I am 100% thankful I did because she had been misleading me and if I would have stayed under her I would be in the gutter right now. God works his miracles, right?

The courses I am taking this semester are my human services ( 2 classes), biology and math. I already found out I got an A in both my Human Services classes. I am very thankful for  that, hopefully it will raise my GPA. As for my Biology class if I Ace my Exam I will pass with a D. My Math class, if I do well in the exam I may pass with a D or C. Either way passing is passing lol.  I just need to study instead of blogging right now. I usually do well when it comes to Summer courses so hopefully I get an A or B, nothing less.

After that I really want to open my jewelry store back up online and search for a job. Hopefully get a job. Wherever God leads me.


Healthy Diary Logs Begin!…Weight Loss & Exercise

Well this has been a journey in the making for a long time and I’ve finally started it the way I want to and no one else. I’m not following anyone’s plans or schedule, I’m doing what I think is best for me through trial and error.

I’ve started by changing my whole grocery list and purchased fruits, veges, granola and poultry, salmon. So in my Healthy Journey section it will be purely updated probably everyday with how my day goes, my schedule..everything I do and eat¬†through¬†out the day. I’m doing this so I can see my patterns and see for myself, what I need to change and¬†tweak. It also keeps me on track and busy which will probably prevent me from being bored.

My goal really is to live my life eating healthy. I don’t want the junk food anymore, I want to go to the doctors in¬†confident¬†and hear them say,”You’re as healthy as an ox.” I’d ¬†also like to go to the doctors and show up with some weight loss. So wish me luck and pray for me :).


How I See My Family

The Dynamic of my family

My main family is my mother..sometimes my sister. All of my “other” family is on my Dad’s side and they’re what I like to call “Drama Thrivers”…they can’t live without drama. When I was a kid I was around them a lot but that was because my parents were married and even when they got divorced my dad still was around..when he started getting too busy with work and working on getting married again, I started to stay home more and stopped hanging around them¬†including¬†my grandparents. Everyone my grandmothers neighborhood grew up or moved away so there were no other kids or teens to play with…family members like cousins that aren’t really cousins…you never saw them accept for in church and when everyone started going to a different church and I stopped…it just ended there. So fast forward through my teen years I only saw my family maybe 20 times out of the year….Actually I’m going to explain the dynamic of my dad’s side of the family from my point of view, my dad excluded because he moved to get away from the drama.

Grandma: Very religious, assistant pastor, talks about everyone especially family members, uses the word of God to “smite” everyone, blames every negative thing on the devil, thinks she is always right, loves her grandchildren (my 2 cousins) and still rants about how my grandfather’s, mother and his daughter (never got a¬†paternity¬†test) treated her, even after my great grandmother died and so has my grandfather…she still rants about how badly she treated her, she constantly contradicts herself saying one thing then saying something totally different, always yelled at my grandpa when he was alive, and still yells, complains about her children all the time but supports them even when they ask for money.

Grandpa:  Deceased. Was VERY VERY patient especially with my grandma, quiet, smart, when he spoke sometimes he sounded like a jerk but it was the truth, spoiled my grandma, never was apart of the drama.

Uncle: Always thinks he is right, refers to black people that he looks down on as Negroes and niggers without even realizing how easily someone of the other race will call him the same thing, openly gay and has made it apparent by introducing his boyfriends but has never discussed it or admitted it verbally.

1st Aunt: Got married a 2nd time but faster just to be¬†disappointed¬†after everyone warned her to move slow,¬†Very envious, does things to start drama, likes drama..for example I was late for one of my cousins parties and she kept blowing up my cellphone, so I didn’t answer. Knowing what type of person she is before I arrived at the party I put my cellphone on vibrate because I had a feeling she would try to call my cell phone when I arrived there to see how loud it was and if I could hear it. Wouldn’t you know she does that exact same thing I thought she would do and I watched her do it and look stupid. Anyway growing up we used to be very close, I thought she was awesome, she smoked and I wanted to smoke…even when she didnt have money I wanted to be around her until I realized what type of person she was. She talks very negatively and will try to bring down anyone with or around her, stresses herself out when the solution is right¬†in front¬†of her. I stopped hanging around her when she began to talk about my mother and I told her I didn’t want to participate in that.

Oddly enough my mother and sister say I’m just like her…probably because I have a “no bullsht” attitude most of the time and keep to myself.

2nd Aunt: To be honest I never liked her even when I was younger. She is exactly like my sister minus the hoarder syndrome. She is very inconsiderate, always late to things then when she arrives she acts as though she was early, never takes care of her kids and if you tell her she doesn’t, she gets offended to high heaven, likes to act as though she does alot and has a lot of money, HAD a lot of money but blew it all on shopping at Marshalls, has a secret life…which is why she brushes her kids off on my grandmother, claims she has a lot to do when she has no job and only takes 2 college courses, lies about simple things, likes to put others down without realizing it, very loud but very well educated when it comes to school and juicing “the system”, likes to experiment with food that she cooks, talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, makes promises that she has no intent of keeping, calls her children fat infront of their faces. One of them even said they wanted to go on a diet and their not even in their teens yet. When my grandmother is out of town, she likes toirritate other people and throw her kids off on them, calls/arrives unexpectedly.

1st Cousin:¬†2nd aunts child. Not even a teen yet and causing drama, family claims she has a “disability” but she has the smarts to be able to steal and ask me in public infront of 10 people, “Jazzie, its that your real hair?” After we discussed that it wasn’t prior to that. Lies, always in her own world, very smart, talks a lot, always in trouble, far from dumb but easy to catch in a lie, always repeats what my¬†grandmother¬†or someone else has said around or to her.

2nd Cousin: 2nd aunts child, 1st cousins sister, very smart, spoiled, overlooked and assumed to be trusted because she is smart, sneaky, just as bad as her sister, gets away with a lot of stuff because she is quiet and acts as if she has sense compared to her sister.

So thats what I see from my family. I know it sounds very negative but thats how I honestly view them. I’ll be writing more about why I feel that way…toward them or random things later on in the week. This semester is coming to an end so I might be writing less seeing the fact that I need to study.


Hair Journey: Moving Up in Inches!

So I know yesterday I wrote a post about how I was feeling and how I’m doing but you know…life goes on and I slept on it..I still feel said but I have to move on. I could die today regreting yesterday so the only thing I can do is smile at the future and live in the now and not the past.
Anyway! I measured my hair this morning after trimming it and I’m proud to say my hair grew an inch! So I am achieveing one of myy goals. I said I wanted my hair to grow an inch every month..even though its a little over a month since I started I have been doing ALOT of trimming trying to even out my hair and get the last remains of that relaxed hair. So yes my hair grew an inch! The top of my hair is 5 inches while the perimeter is an even 4 inches so that means Im doing something right.
Also I have received my Bella ring today…I took that as a sign of goodluck since I bought it for the purpose of representing hope. So Im going to wear that to my very last exam today. Im going to try to put my all into it and if I fail..well at least I failed trying.
Last but not least I wanted to throw in a warning to my kinky ladies who are new and experimenting with products. If you ever get curling cream so your curls can stand out…make sure you dont use too much. I bought some more curling cream from Carson softsheen but this type it was for kinky hair deep treatment….that last one I had was feather cream for women withh like 3c or 4a hair but this one was meant for 4b and 4c so I bought it. Anyway when I used the cream I noticed how light it was compared to the other cream and it really didnt moisturize my hair at all…my hair still felt dry and my scalp. So I took a handle full and THREW it on my hair lol. Woke up this morning to a head full of tangled extremely dry curly hair (which is why I trimmed my hair a little). So ladies just becareful with curling cream.
Have a blessed day!

Recipe: Hair Stimulating Regrowth Conditioner


3-4 drops of Rosemary essential oil

1 tsp of olive oil1 egg, beaten


Blend all ingredients well in a bowl. Apply to hair. Leave in hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse. A shampoo maybe be needed after rinsing mixture from hair.

Body Inspiration!


When I lose my long term target weight…I¬†guarantee¬†you will be a photo of my just like this…natural hair and all..maybe not the same blouse but definitely the same aura.