Confession: The Real Reason Why I Went Natural (Short & Sweet)

477862_526736827342433_446413950_oI’ve talked a lot about my experiences with being natural, going natural, etc…but I’ve never talked about exactly why i went natural. So here it is…The reason why I decided to go natural was because the front of my hair was not growing. My hair overall and my edges in the front were dry, frail and breaking with every touch….its a wonder that I wasn’t bald. While the rest of my hair was spiraling down my back…I was too ashamed to even show it because the front of my hair was so short. I didn’t even have a bang and I barely saw my real hair on a good day nor did I ever take a photo of it.

Whats the point of having long hair if you can’t even be proud and show it? So I aspire to have healthy and long hair. I don’t want just a strand or two of my hair to be 24 inches…I want all of it to be even and thick…and I’m prepared and dedicated to get it that way. Patience is the key.


HairFinity…I Gave In..

I have been very well aware of hairfinity but I was against buying it because the price is too high…$30 total for one bottle , the fact that I don’t know if it will work or not for me, is a factor that strongly played a role. If it does work….$30 a month is a lot to be spending per month…after 12 months I will have spent $360… that’s a lot of money! But if it works, it works so I’m giving it a try.

I had a discussion with a few people that use it…they told me how not only does it have boiton but it has other minerals in it to help your hair grow, its much healthier than what other hair growth products are…Everyone was raving how their hair grew, they saw results..etc. While there is evidence of women from photos, whose hair has grown….I really haven’t seen any who have the desired length or hair type as  mine..with long 4c  hair un-stretched past their..lets say past their elbows. I have not seen it! But anyway yes I’m going to give the hairfinity a try and see how it works for me. I just want my desired length fulfilled.