Weight Loss Journey…I don’t Know Where to Start

Let me tell you. I have been down this road so many times its ridiculous. I just dont know where to start. I really do not have much time to sit down and think of a plan right now because my courses are so demanding for June. Courses that you would take 5 months with ALL mashed up into one month. Its intense especially since I haven’t taken the classes yet. I would love to start my weight loss journey today or anytime this month but when I do something so drastic I really need to put my ALL into it. Not only that but I really need to sit down and figure out my spending buudget because before I was blowing $30 to $60 left and right and the food I bought I barely Ate all of it or got to it. So if I have time tomorrow or tonight Im going to add a page to my weight loss section called Plan of Action and just list everything I feel I need to work on toward my weight loss journey.



I Think I’m Going To Start Working Out

So the semester is coming to ¬†an end…I have nothing to do right now…so why not? I think I’m going to start my workout phase now. Leslie Sansone is my best friend! I lost 15 pounds last year working out to her miles at home work outs along with squats and situps.

So here I go again! Hopefully I can stick to it since I skipped doing it before Thanksgiving! I’m not going to say my plans for working out until I have actually worked out more than once this week…I don’t want to jinx it! So fingers crossed!