Confession: The Real Reason Why I Went Natural (Short & Sweet)

477862_526736827342433_446413950_oI’ve talked a lot about my experiences with being natural, going natural, etc…but I’ve never talked about exactly why i went natural. So here it is…The reason why I decided to go natural was because the front of my hair was not growing. My hair overall and my edges in the front were dry, frail and breaking with every touch….its a wonder that I wasn’t bald. While the rest of my hair was spiraling down my back…I was too ashamed to even show it because the front of my hair was so short. I didn’t even have a bang and I barely saw my real hair on a good day nor did I ever take a photo of it.

Whats the point of having long hair if you can’t even be proud and show it? So I aspire to have healthy and long hair. I don’t want just a strand or two of my hair to be 24 inches…I want all of it to be even and thick…and I’m prepared and dedicated to get it that way. Patience is the key.


Hair Journey: Big Chop Progress

My big chop progress has been going great. Right now I am in the progress of doing my hair in box braids. I started this natural journey back in June and now I  am in the big chop stage. So far I have completed my goal of finding a usual moisturizer (Lusters Pink GrowComplex), shampoo (SoftSheen Carson) and deep treatment/conditioner (Softsheen Carson Shea Butter Green Tea Reconstructing Deep Treatment).  As my protein treatment I will just be using cream peanut butter…yes the type that you make  sandwich with…its cheap and easy to put on.

I have received my hairfinity pills and I start taking them today. I know some people are against that but its my choice and your problem. So far without pills my hair seems as though it has grown. But since I am putting my hair in box braids then I won’t see the progress until I have taken them out which is why I am posting my progress now instead of Dec. 11.

So just a quick zip through my pictures. My first photo is the big chop, I started off with dry hair along with uneven and still some relaxed hair attached. My second photo I trimmed all the relaxed hair and had just moisturized my hair with conditioner and African pride moisturizer (that moisturizer sucks!) and combed it out. In my 3rd photo I had just finished spritzing my hair with water and combed it out with my wide tooth comb.

So that’s my journey so far! Thanks for reading!


Goal Completed: Found A Good Moisturizer! Softsheen Carson Mango Oil & Cupuacu Butter Feather Whipped Curl Cream &Pink Growcomplex 3000 Hair Dress Review

So I am so happy to say that I no longer am in need of a good moisturizer because I found them! How did I know I found the right moisturizer?  Well I tried doing twists on my hair. Before i did the big chop and I had long hair I still had a problem with high porosity and I could not retain moisture well. So every time I went to twist my hair the twist would never stay in and the ends would never twist right…now…with the big chop + moisture..the twist stayed in overnight honey! I mentioned the moisturizers I used before…and I just wanted to correct myself. I said the curl moisturizer I was using was shea butter but that was incorrect. The name of the curl cream is SOFTSHEEN CARSON Mango oil & Cupuacu Butter Feather Whipped Curl Cream. The other moisturizer I m using is Pink GrowComplex 3000 Hair Dress.

Now with the curl cream after I spritz my hair with water I apply it first. It helps bring out/define my curls. Since it’s dense I use it as part of my moisturizer because it stays on well over night. With the Pink GrowComplex…its  very light cream. I apply that to my hair after I apply the curl cream. The Pink GrowComplex helps soften my hair, makes it feel stronger and keeps the moisture in…its kind of like a seal for my hair, I actually don’t even need to use my little olive oil/coconut oil mixture as a seal anymore because this works fine by its self.

I actually went 2 days without moisturizing my hair and it still stayed moist. When I spritz it with water my hair just revives and feels better. My hair doesn’t get greasy from it but depending on how much you use it could feel a little like product build up overtime…thats when I would wash my hair.

The down side of this is the curl cream cost $7.99 + tax where I got it from.The Pink GrowComplex cost $5.99…so if I  run out of this every month I’ll be paying bout $16 unless I stretch them out. But you know what…that’s better than blowing money on trying to find out WHAT to use….I’m sooo glad I did the big chop. I love learning something new every day!


Natural Hair Tip 101

The conditioner you select is perhaps the single most important element in your regimen. We demand a lot from our hair, and conditioner products are what make (or break) a healthy hair care regimen. Conditioners restore moisture lost to the shampooing process and improve the hair’s manageability. Because they are meant to adhere to the hair’s cuticle and produce long-lasting effects that remain after rinsing, conditioners play the most critical role in maintaining the hair’s protein /moisture balance. Conditioners are important because they are specifically formulated to help us achieve one of the two healthy hair characteristics: strength or softness. Although conditioners are usually formulated to both strengthen and soften the hair, they almost always tend to be better at one than the other.” ~Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, The Science of Black Hair. p.83,84

Hair Journey: Moisture Success?

I do not want to get my hopes up but I think i have succeed in retaining moisture in my hair!

I realized this when I  woke up 3 days ago..felt my hair and it was still..moist and soft!

What did I do? Changed around my moisturizers. I got rid of the African Pride moisturizer I was using. It was too thin and too light…I think it was actually drying my hair more because there wasn’t enough. Instead of using the African Pride I replaced it with some Jason Organic Conditioner that I got from the local store here…it helped retain moisture but only for a few hours…which was progress from my hair drying in less than an hour. So I’m putting that conditioner to rest…I never liked the smell of it and it didn’t do much for my hair when I actually shampooed and conditioned it.

So what am I using now?  Well I had to dig deep because I was getting a little fed up with feeling like I’m almost there but not quiet. So I remembered when I was younger and I used to get my hair braided a lot…there was this Product from “Pink” that I used to use..that helped with repairing damaged, dry hair and it made my hair extremely soft…its called  GroComplex 3000® Hairdress.

So I just so happen to think of it again when I was at my BSW (Beauty Supply Warehouse) and by chance they had it! So I bought it…and then on my way out I just happened to turn my head and there it was! Sheabutter! My hands were already full from grabbing the Pink cream that I wanted so the only thing that I obtained from Sheabutter was  the shampoo and curl cream (because I love playing with my curls).

As soon as I got home I got to moisturizing my hair and let me tell I could feel the change! I put the cream in my hair from Pink then an hour later I strand tested the Sheabutter curl cream and it works great but it says on the bottle that you need the spray to revive the curl so I wont be using it much. But any who that Luster’s Pink cream worked wonders on my hair.

As for the Shea shampoo I’m a little iffy about using shampoo in general because I dont want to completely clean and remove all of the moisture from my hair. But my hair does need to be washed because I have not washed in over 7 days since I have been trying to retain moisture and shampooing would be a HUGE contradiction.

So today before I go home after work, I’m going to stop by BSW and finish purchasing the rest of the Sheabutter products link conditioner…if they have a moisturizers I’ll try it…whatever appeals to me lol. When I get home I plan on shampooing my hair and conditioning my hair..letting it air dry and moisturizing/sealing to see if it truly is the Lusters Pink cream working or it is just the after effects of the conditioner i have been using then the effect of putting a moisturizer on top of that. Also to see if it is still moist the next day like it has been.

I’m so proud of myself I’m actually getting somewhere with this and my hair actually looks like its growing…I can’t wait to take some new pics and compare them to the old. I wont be taking any until Dec. 11 to make it fair from the last time I took photos.