Making Money Online: My 2nd Check from CashCrate…

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys or

Join me on Cashcrate & Earn money with me through surveys

This is my second check from cashcrate for the month of June. The prior to it was for the month of August. I was surprised to get it in mail I had completely forgotten that I was suppose to get a check lol BUT I was happy. So I earned $31.39 for the total of last month and all together I’ve earned $61.23 from Cashcrate :).

Right now Cashcrate is the only site I am 100% is legit. I’ve cashed my check and had no fraud nothing. I could have gotten more money too if I would have put the time in but I didn’t.

You can earn too by signing up using my link (I can’t direct use the actual cashcrate link because wordpress blocked it. I’m guessing some people abused their privilege and spammed their cashcrrate links which resulted in wordpress making it so the link can’t be posted.) If you do sign up because you saw this please use my link I’ve provided. I’m trying to use this money to pay off my debt so I have a bright future and can continue to pursue my college education. Right now I have it on hold because my finances aren’t up like they should be but I am learning new ways to invest and save money. I’ve really put a tamper on my spending and try to save anything that I know I wont be using or need.


Beyonce’s Bow Down Bitches is on Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe Level

I thought that song was extremely disgraceful. Disgraceful to Beyonce’s talent, career and as a person. Beyonce is always trying to portray herself as a perfectionist, a good singer, a hardworking lovable person that is also mother and a good wife. This is what she wants us to think of her as.

So my question is, when did she get so cocky to the point where she thinks she is better than anyone? I honestly think its the money and the people around her that have boosted her head so high that she literally thinks she is above everyone. Money can only take you so far. It won’t get you close to God or in Heaven. This song was just…too much. Everyone knows Beyonce only goes hard in her vocals and maybe even dancing but her as a person, NO. She doesn’t even role like that.

What makes this even worse is the people who are her fans aka stans are people who literally go off at the mouth once you say something that isn’t in light of Beyonce. Its like chickens running around with no head. These are the people representing Beyonce and helping her stay financed because it sure isn’t me. I don’t think her stans realize that when she says bow down she is not only belittling the so called “haters” but her stans too. Basically saying none of you are on my level.

I just can’t. This song is on Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe level. Its THAT dumb to me. People who say they like it, only like it because its Beyonce and/or they been waiting for her to come back in the scene. Either way this is a classic act of trash and it is ashame President Obama is associated with these type of people.

Thats how I feel about it..


How I See My Family

The Dynamic of my family

My main family is my mother..sometimes my sister. All of my “other” family is on my Dad’s side and they’re what I like to call “Drama Thrivers”…they can’t live without drama. When I was a kid I was around them a lot but that was because my parents were married and even when they got divorced my dad still was around..when he started getting too busy with work and working on getting married again, I started to stay home more and stopped hanging around them including my grandparents. Everyone my grandmothers neighborhood grew up or moved away so there were no other kids or teens to play with…family members like cousins that aren’t really cousins…you never saw them accept for in church and when everyone started going to a different church and I stopped…it just ended there. So fast forward through my teen years I only saw my family maybe 20 times out of the year….Actually I’m going to explain the dynamic of my dad’s side of the family from my point of view, my dad excluded because he moved to get away from the drama.

Grandma: Very religious, assistant pastor, talks about everyone especially family members, uses the word of God to “smite” everyone, blames every negative thing on the devil, thinks she is always right, loves her grandchildren (my 2 cousins) and still rants about how my grandfather’s, mother and his daughter (never got a paternity test) treated her, even after my great grandmother died and so has my grandfather…she still rants about how badly she treated her, she constantly contradicts herself saying one thing then saying something totally different, always yelled at my grandpa when he was alive, and still yells, complains about her children all the time but supports them even when they ask for money.

Grandpa:  Deceased. Was VERY VERY patient especially with my grandma, quiet, smart, when he spoke sometimes he sounded like a jerk but it was the truth, spoiled my grandma, never was apart of the drama.

Uncle: Always thinks he is right, refers to black people that he looks down on as Negroes and niggers without even realizing how easily someone of the other race will call him the same thing, openly gay and has made it apparent by introducing his boyfriends but has never discussed it or admitted it verbally.

1st Aunt: Got married a 2nd time but faster just to be disappointed after everyone warned her to move slow, Very envious, does things to start drama, likes drama..for example I was late for one of my cousins parties and she kept blowing up my cellphone, so I didn’t answer. Knowing what type of person she is before I arrived at the party I put my cellphone on vibrate because I had a feeling she would try to call my cell phone when I arrived there to see how loud it was and if I could hear it. Wouldn’t you know she does that exact same thing I thought she would do and I watched her do it and look stupid. Anyway growing up we used to be very close, I thought she was awesome, she smoked and I wanted to smoke…even when she didnt have money I wanted to be around her until I realized what type of person she was. She talks very negatively and will try to bring down anyone with or around her, stresses herself out when the solution is right in front of her. I stopped hanging around her when she began to talk about my mother and I told her I didn’t want to participate in that.

Oddly enough my mother and sister say I’m just like her…probably because I have a “no bullsht” attitude most of the time and keep to myself.

2nd Aunt: To be honest I never liked her even when I was younger. She is exactly like my sister minus the hoarder syndrome. She is very inconsiderate, always late to things then when she arrives she acts as though she was early, never takes care of her kids and if you tell her she doesn’t, she gets offended to high heaven, likes to act as though she does alot and has a lot of money, HAD a lot of money but blew it all on shopping at Marshalls, has a secret life…which is why she brushes her kids off on my grandmother, claims she has a lot to do when she has no job and only takes 2 college courses, lies about simple things, likes to put others down without realizing it, very loud but very well educated when it comes to school and juicing “the system”, likes to experiment with food that she cooks, talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, makes promises that she has no intent of keeping, calls her children fat infront of their faces. One of them even said they wanted to go on a diet and their not even in their teens yet. When my grandmother is out of town, she likes toirritate other people and throw her kids off on them, calls/arrives unexpectedly.

1st Cousin: 2nd aunts child. Not even a teen yet and causing drama, family claims she has a “disability” but she has the smarts to be able to steal and ask me in public infront of 10 people, “Jazzie, its that your real hair?” After we discussed that it wasn’t prior to that. Lies, always in her own world, very smart, talks a lot, always in trouble, far from dumb but easy to catch in a lie, always repeats what my grandmother or someone else has said around or to her.

2nd Cousin: 2nd aunts child, 1st cousins sister, very smart, spoiled, overlooked and assumed to be trusted because she is smart, sneaky, just as bad as her sister, gets away with a lot of stuff because she is quiet and acts as if she has sense compared to her sister.

So thats what I see from my family. I know it sounds very negative but thats how I honestly view them. I’ll be writing more about why I feel that way…toward them or random things later on in the week. This semester is coming to an end so I might be writing less seeing the fact that I need to study.


Good & Bad News: Working Out, yes! Eating Healthy, no!

395222_10151080096872956_1667202600_nThis is something I feel very passionate about and sensitive toward because I am trying…I’m having a VERY hard time eating healthy. It’s bad enough I find it hard to avoid those, oh so good junk foods. The other day I attempted, I started out good making myself some eggs with a baked potatoes but then I didn’t know what else to cook because my plan was to eat tuna sandwiches with cheese but I forgot the cheese (I bought them today :D)! SO I began snacking! Then on top of that the people in my household make it even harder for me to eat healthy. I went out and spent $40 on some food that I planned to prep and cook. I bought some salmon, tomatoes, herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme), carrots, potatoes, almond milk (which im scared to drink lol), chicken breast, cheese, etc. I bought all of these things because I planned on cooking myself something healthy while learning more techniques and ways to cook. So anyway my sister who likes to throw away everything she didn’t by, goes through the fridge and decides, “Oh I didn’t buy these herbs and they look old, so let me throw them away!” Then my mom goes in the freezer and says,”Oh! Salmon! Let me waste my time and FRY all of them and leave only 2 left because everyone likes fry food! That’s what they were obviously purchased for!” Then my sister goes in the freezer again,”Oh! Salmon! I didn’t buy them nor do I contribute anything to the household especially money and I don’t give a flying fuck! Let me take the last 2 salmons and cook them because I’m on a imaginary diet that I keep ruining every 30 minutes junk food…yay me!”

That’s what keeps happening to me every week lol….

As for my workouts..I feel very confident in them. I do cardio only. I never liked weights or the idea of them plus I do not wish to spend money on them. I know for sure with working out…it’s just like my hair journey, you have to find what works best for you. Not everything people usually do will work for you. My daily workout will revolve around Leslie Sansone Dvds…I downloaded them for free and I bought one just for the abs belt lol. With Leslie Sansone, I lost weight doing her dvd’s last year, her workouts that I use consist of walking at home…I forgot the positive results I got from her other than losing weight. One negative was that my butt began to look flat. So after every workout I did of Leslie Sansone, I did squats and leg sit ups…i saw some results but I realized that I am not strong in squats. I would do only 20 day/night squats a day and one week i over did the squats and i couldn’t walk straight for 2 weeks nor could I work out. So from then on I limited my squats to 5 – 10 a in the morning and 5 -10 at night because…I’m scared that will happen again.

My workout now:

-20 to 40 Wall push ups (I’ve never been good at  actual push ups but after doing these for a while..I will.)

-40 to 60 Standing Trunk Twist  (video:

– 5 to 10 Squats

-15 Leg touches or sit ups

-Rotated workouts with Leslie Sansone throughout the week: 15minute workout (TODAY) = 1 mile walk, 30 minute work out = 2 mile walk, 45 minute workout = 3 mile walk….the 3 mile walk is NO joke! If you are not prepared or fit prior to it, you will feel some soreness after words.

If anyone wants to join in on the leslie sansone videos I will be uploading the ones I use on dailymotion so join and subscribe! I will be uploading other videos too from youtube..I’ll credit them but I just would like to have some good easy workouts just in case anyone else wants to join me 😀