According to Psychic Readings June is Not Going to be Good Month for me..

So I hit up a few psychics on Etsy this year just to test the waters and do reviews on them. One thing I did get from the various shops is that June specifically is suppose to be a “trying” month for me. In one review a tarrot reader did for me which was on video (I did not post it) she told me that she keeps getting negative things for me around June. The same with a tarrot card reader that did a reading for me for month to month. They only thing I can do it wait and see if its true. From where Im standing now I do not see how. My college courses and books are paid for. I’m graduating. I’m slowly paying off paypal and my bank. I’m making money using Cashcrate. I don’t want to say what could go aroung but I definitely don’t see anything happening that would be a “crisis”. So we’ll see and I will definitely be doing a update on it.


Black History Moment…Inspired by the movie “The Help”

Black History Kinky Hair

I know I have not posted anything regarding black history on this blog and although it has crossed my mind…I still did not. So I decided to post something regarding black history for the last day of the month:

A few days ago, I just happened to watch the movie “The Help”. The movie was never appealing to me nor did I have any…motive to truly watch it but something just said,”Give it a chance and watch it.”  I can truly say I am glad I did watch it. It reminded me that being a black woman has so many things to it. As a black people and “colored” people we had to earn our place in society. We had to beat the odds and the hatred and fight for our place. So much of that is taken for granted. I think the strongest message I got from that movie was..Things will never change unless someone bring upon that change or idea. Don’t be afraid to want something that is different from everyone else’s idea or ideal. You want change and at least try to make change in order for something to happen and sometimes all people need is a tiny push to motivate them to jump on board for something greater.

With that being said, I would like to say that my heart goes out to everyone/anyone who has taken a chance and stood out for a better cause and even has lost their life trying to fight for a better cause even if you weren’t the ideal person or race that should have fought for it.

It brings so much joy to me to be able to say I am proud to be a black woman. There were times when I wished or even said that I was not black. I’ve been called some racist and horrible names for speaking my opinion, telling the truth and just appearing as I am. I’ve been teased  for having the skin color and hair that I have but I still smile. After going through what I’ve been through…even the racism faced from being in a interracial relationship from my exes family and the people who looked at us as if we didn’t belong. I truly can say that, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m happy to be black and I want to be someone who makes a difference but under my terms and no one else’s. So happy black history month everyone.



Hair Journey: Wigs Are No Longer Appealing To Me

So far in my hair journey its been going great. I received my texturemenatural hair products in mail. I will be doing a review on by holly by holly

that later…the scent of her products are crazy wonderful. Back on topic…I have been enjoying my natural hair and watching it grow before my eyes and I enjoy putting it in its protective styles.

There used to be a time when I all I did was browse YouTube looking for reviews on wigs and hair. I used to stay on websites like lhboutique and hairwigharlem looking for the best natural looking lacefront/halfwig. I would faithfully watch muffinsismylovers videos reviews and make sure to check out anything she posted. I even went as far to buy my own full lace wigs for $250 from a Chinese vendor named..which only lasted a month before I got tired of it but it was a very lovely wig.

The last wig I wore was Tammy from Outre and after being natural for a while my hair just would not blend properly with that wig.

I looked through my subscribed Youtube channels. I went to Aprils aka Muffinsismylovers channel and I literally found nothing on her channel to be appealing like it was in the past. I mean, there’s no reason to even be subscribed to her for me right now.

So now I sit here wondering why i liked wigs in the first place? Why were they so appealing to me back then and not now?