My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2013 (Part 5)

The next Etsy seller that I purchased from was Truthseeker1111 by Charlotte

I purchased  5 Question Love Psychic Email Reading for $25.


My reading from Charlotte:
 Hello Jazzie. Thanks so much for your patience and for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions for you.
I have copied/pasted below your questions and will respond to them in blue:
Jazzie Bday: Aug, 28, 1992 My questions are.. –
Will I ever get married, if so when? I feel you will get married at 25 between March and May of that year.
What changes do I need to make in my life, to attract the person that I will want to spend my life with? yours is a sacrifice of love as you will be the one giving so much to others that sometimes you may feel like you are not getting back as much.After a few losses in love you will become sensitized to the pain the love can cause and become a more understanding mate as you need to understand you have the christ energy of love so you serve a higher purpose in love as you make many sacrifices for others. People are uplifted by your presence. Your path is a very spiritual one and you can be tempted into affairs and romantic encounters..very youthful energies you have. You may choose someone who is broken or unworthy so you can try to fix that person so your love can heal them, but this can result in victim/savior co dependent relationship.You have no problems loving but you need to know and remember to give to yourself and when you should say no to others. There needs to be a balance of giving and receiving before the right man comes to need to be open to receive and allow someone to give to you too.
Is the person that I will be in a relationship with in future, located where I live? Well spirit shows you have been worried about this and has been on your mind even at night perhaps. I feel you have a powerful connection with this person located near you and i feel you want things to grow and I feel you may be trying to manifest your hearts desire with this person, but spirit clearly shows me at this time that there are many obstacles in the way still.
Have I met the person that I would like to spend my life with and marry? No
Does my ex miss me or has he met someone else? I feel he is with others or another as I am shown he is trying to make a decision in matters of love and this is about a choice between two people….I feel the other is you. I feel he is trying to balance his life and I feel he is away..traveling over water. He is very ambitious. There is a female in his life that is very passionate and bossy type.He seems to be juggling his emotions right now so I do feel he does misses you as I feel he is trying to consider his options as he is trying to back away some to balance them as I feel emotionally too much is going on with he has too much on his plate, so to speak.
Charlotte~~ for Psychic Readings 

Be beautiful inside which is most precious
I later asked her:
Hi Charlotte,
I’m sorry for contacting you so late but I just have one question about the answer you gave. What did you mean but I have the Christ energy of love?
Her response:
 Hi Jazzie. Just means that you have this special way about you where you may be able to forgive others more easily then other people. You have more compassion and your heart is very open as you tend to give so much of yourself to help others just as Christ gave himself for all. So means you sacrifice alot of yourself and time to help others which heals people..which is similar to Christ. for Psychic Readings 

Be beautiful inside which is most precious

My Perspective on it:

Let me just say, I was completely satisfied with this reading because this woman not only gave me answers but she told me things about myself that I have never let anyone know. When she mentioned “You may choose someone who is broken or unworthy so you can try to fix that person so your love can heal them, but this can result in victim/savior co dependent relationship”  and “Well spirit shows you have been worried about this and has been on your mind even at night perhaps”; it gave me a feeling that she may be the real deal or either she knows her stuff. I do have a habit of attracting and being lured  to people who..need a hand and I do look to help them in some way. I also have been worried about who will be in my future and I have lost sleep over it. This is one of the readings that I honestly “chose” to believe or use as a guide of some sort. I understand that not everything said is on point but it gives me a little sense of direction…Maybe it was something I needed to read. Either way Im very satisfied with it.


My Experience with Tarot Card Readers on Etsy 2012 (Part 2)

For my experience I’m just going to give it to you guys 100% no sugar coating it. If I’m going to tell it, I like to tell it ALL.

My experience…

Now last year (August, 2012) I tried this tarot card reading for the first time online. I only did it to see how it was and I believe I had the thought in mind of my ex and I. A few years prior to that, when we were together we were going to go to a psychic but when we arrived there, it was closed. So I just said might as well give it try through the internet. Its safer that way anyways.

So I just bought the cheapest thing I saw on etsy. I bought from two different people. It cost me less than $2. I believe their profiles basically said that they were either new to tarot cards or wanted to practice so they opened up a etsy shop.

One of the  shops I went to was:

Bernice186 by Joshua

I paid $0.99 for a reading. Joshua was the first one to get back to me with a message and a reading. Here’s what he sent me (I edited my name out and mind you there were a lot of typos so I corrected them…well the ones I saw):

Message from Joshua:

Hello and good evening. I would like to thank you for choosing Bernice’s Magic Shoppe. I have finished you’re reading and I will share with you my findings below. I hope you enjoy. Sadly my camera has decided to die on me. So it may take me a extra day or two to get that image to you, but no doubt I will send it :). I can however send you a scanned picture of the card for now until I can get my camra working again. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I will gladly give you a extra free reading for the inconvenience should you have another question. Just message me on etsy :).

Message from me:

My name is Jazzie…I like to be called Ja**** ****** lol.
My birth date/time August 28th, 1992 born at 4:52am
How should I go about aligning my mind with my heart, in agreeance, when it comes to my goals for my future?

Message from Joshua

The card I pull for you is the Yew card. The green man wisdom here is. Perseverance leads to achievement.


The perseverance associated with the yew is that of all life, which continues in the face of overwhelming odds and grows stronger because of it. Much of the yew’s symbolism is concerned with transcendence, the transformation that arises from death. However death does not necessarily mean physical ends here – more the end of one way of life and rebirth into a new one. So if you are contemplating some deep and lasting change in your life, this card is especially apposite. The kind of perseverance required to achieve such changes can be just as important as the determination to change. The Green Man wisdom here is clear. He suggests that if you continue to persevere,  the tasks you undertake are more likely to be achieved.

What did I learn from this reading or what message did I get from it?

Well the message I got from this reading was a message that I was already aware of. It was basically saying that if I want succeed in whatever I want to achieve I have to truly put and invest myself into to it. Now honestly, I do see how this really goes with the question I asked because I asked how do I go about aligning my mind with my heart when it came to my choices. He basically said I need to push through whatever I do. It did not say you should love what your doing or do what you want…which is what I always do and it makes me happy.So to me this reading was not really necessary and I wont say that it is inaccurate because I don’t think it is. I just know that it wasn’t they TYPE of answer I am looking for looking back at it now…months later. When I first read it, I thought it was awesome and applied to me greatly but things change.

How did I handle the reading given to me?

I did not take this reading to heart at all. Actually after the first day or two I believe I even forgot about it. I did not apply it myself or anything. I guess it was just a…playful event for me especially since I went for the cheapest thing.

To be continued, part 3….



How I Feel About Psychics/Tarot Cards… (Part 1)

Opinions I have heard and My Opinion….

I know there are people out there with a bias against psychics and tarot card readings. There are also people that are for psychics and tarot card reading.

I have friends who have went to psychics and said that the psychic was 100% correct about everything.

My mother and my sister went to a psychic they both even went so far as to have spells cast on them for good luck. Now since a bad turn in life and my sister experiencing her “battle with the devil” dilemma, they think that the psychic is evil and cast a spell or demons on them. The comment I hear the most about Tarot Card readers or psychics is that they communicate with demons.

If you have been to a psychic and feel that way then I have to say…stop blaming the psychic and look at yourself. They didn’t seek you out, you sought them out looking for whatever. In life there’s always going to be ups and downs…..cause and effect.

Now me, myself…I am Christian. I don’t know the Bible by heart or word to word so I can’t whip out “The Bible says this or that” type of thing but I can talk from an unbiased point of view and experience dealing with tarot card readers.

Honestly I think that the whole psychic and tarot card thing is up to you to believe. I feel as though a lot of people go seeking out psychics or tarot card readings to hear answers that they WANT to hear versus hearing the good and/or bad. Basically they truly are looking toward a power out of their control to give them good fortune.

Now do I think tarot cards are evil? My answer is, it depends on the person using them and the person perceiving the message being given to them. If the intentions behind getting the readings are lets say out of greed or malicious, then yes they can possibly be used for evil.

Do I think tarot cards are good? To be completely honest…I feel as though if you start to feel like tarot cards are good then that means you’re putting your faith in them because when people think something is good, they usually want more of it.

To be continued: Part 2…