A New Blog? For More Than Just Hair

I really do like this blog and I have posted a lot of things that I can go back and check myself but I have been thinking in the back of my mind about having a new blog.  I mean the main reason behind me creating this blog was to track my hair journey and right now, theres so much more going on with my life than “just hair”. Thats the main reason I barely post here but I post on my tumblr because Im at a point where its no longer about hair and Im currently at the phase where Im done with research and I’m learning about my hair on my own instead og “googling” all the answers or asking someone instead of finding out myself. So I think I will begin working on a new blog and once I get it flowing correctly with posts.


Midnight Natural Hair Male EyeCandy: Lloyd Polite

lloyd polite natural hair

Even though Lloyd cut off his hair, he is mainly known for his long natural that he had when his singing career took off. He wore them in braids to ponytails or a full blow out even had a straightened for one of his music videos. Either way as a start off to my new midnight Eyecandy Lloyd will be my first introduction. Not only do I love his music but it doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy & has natural hair.


Natural Hair Inspiration Marathon #14

This is the last photo for tonight of my natural hair marathon…hope the people who saw the photos enjoyed them. Goodnight!


Natural Hair is Beautiful (67)

Hair Journey Update: My 4c Hair Tangles When I Wash It..

One thing I have been battling with since my big chop is washing my hair. I have never been a fan of washing my hair, I usually Natural Kinky Hairtry to skip it unless my hair feels dirty or build up in it. The reason why is even when I detangle my hair, it still tangles and if it doesn’t tangle then it leaves my hair/scalp squeeky clean and dry. Even though naturals shouldn’t use sulfate shampoo, if the organic shampoo tangles my hair too much then I have to result to using sulfate shampoo to get it untangled.

My solution:

I will only wash my hair when it is braided and use acv (apple cider vinegar). My hair doesn’t tangle or anything when it is braided…not only that but it doesn’t clean my hair completely or get rid of all the moisture that is in it. The acv stinks something horrible so I never tried to use it until recently…I used it to loosen the dirt in my hair and rinsed it with luke warm water and it already felt clean so I washed it (which required less shampoo) just to make sure the smell was out. So this is my alternative to tangled 4c hair…if anyone else has this problem 🙂


Things I Have Learned From Going Natural

59057_497306143633772_510554081_nI just wanted to share a few things I never knew or realized during my natural journey….this isn’t EVERYTHING I learned but its just a few things that come to mind now..

  1. The reason that I used to get relaxers was because I did not know how to maintain my hair in its natural state.
  2. My hair type, 4c…and it has small curls that I love!
  3. I can rock my hair without a relaxer and still look cute.
  5. Going natural has allowed me to embrace more things about myself other than hair.
  6. You have to be have some back bone if you’re going to do the big chop. Even if you wear wigs like me, the people who find out about your hair or finally see it, may not accept it and will show it.
  7. Never take advice from someone that has ONLY gotten relaxers all their life.
  8. Never give into peer pressure. Going natural is a decision..don’t let someone else but yourself influence the change if you decide you no longer want to be natural.
  9. There are thousands..maybe millions of black women who have gone natural and some of them are/were around me.
  10. A lot of black women don’t know the joy of going natural and some just don’t want to.
  11. I never knew how important deep conditioning and moisturizing was….actually I never KNEW what it was until I went on this journey.
  12. The people in your life who do not accept your methods of going natural
  13. Men always complain about weave and not being able to touch your hair but even being natural I STILL don’t want anyones hands in my hair lol