Top 5 Best & Worst Hair YouTube Gurus (Full lace Wigs, Half Wigs, Bulks of Hair)

Even though I do not wear wigs like I used to I still look at the videos and hair sites just to get inspired or if I’m bored, etc. These few Youtube gurus are the in my opinion according to their honesty/sincerity, amount of reviews on hair and versatility. The other Youtube Gurus are the worst in according to the depth of info, honesty, originality and sincerity to their subscribers.Jam Poet

Top 6* Best YouTube Gurus for Hair (I added one more person)

  1. thomasadrianna: This girl does some great reviews on half wigs, full lace, weave, tips on how to make wigs…everything. I love her and she’s a little cutie pie. I think she is adorable. She is definitely worth subscribing to. (
  2. PhillyzJamPoet….ever since April (Muffinsismylovers) came out with a video about VixenLaceWigs giving bad customer service to their clients on her old channel. Philly has been giving the 100% truth or “spilling the tea” about how she feels with her wigs she reviews. She doesn’t sugar coat it. Now I understand in the past how she felt sympathy for some of the people who sent her hair and didn’t want to bash them. Sometimes you have to go through things to get you to the point where you say,”alright, no more…I’m giving the complete honest truth even if people disagree”. You can tell that she is sincere and cares about her subscribers. It’s not just about reviewing hair. I like that quality in her. (
  3. twinkeez2003, I know the title says top 5 but I had to squeeze twinkeez in after I stumbled upon her. I love this woman. She does reviews, reviews and more reviews. Clean, straight forward, very helpful. Love it. (
  4. AFRICANEXPORT: She has a nice variety of videos going from reviews on half wigs to reviews of full lace wigs, going natural and natural hair styles then hauls. I really enjoy watching her and even though I don’t wear wigs like I used to I still like watching her reviews on them when I feel like seeing how some half wigs work. (
  5. Fabulasityisme: I know this may come as a shocker because some people consider this Youtube guru fake but you have to give her props, she is always on point with her hair and make up. What got her on this list is that in  one of her video she willingly admitted that her subbies were not getting the same quality hair and said she wouldn’t suggest ordering from the company. Props to her for honesty. Its rare these days. She also has a variety of videos with hauls, make up and how to’s. (
  6. Scorpioqueen02, I searched my whole youtube history to find this girl. I like her reviews she has a lot of reviews on half wigs that have helped me decide in the past what I want to purchase so with that she is top 5. (

Top 5 Worst YouTube Gurus for Hair

  1. Ateyaaa…Goodness where do I start with this woman? For one she has the loudest and most annoying voice ever, every time I view her video I have to turn down the volume. Two, She barely posts videos about hair anymore. I think she uses the audience she has to promote other things which is fine but you know that’s not what everyone is there for. They are there for the hair reviews. Three, she doesn’t give an honest opinion. There are never any cons with her hair reviews even when its obvious that it’s not that good. Like for instance when she reviewed hair (Janet Moroccan hair) that she got done at a salon. It was so obvious that the hair didn’t blend right but she just faked it and all the sudden in another video called she curled the hair and cut it ( Goodness gracious just tell the truth. It didn’t blend right so you had to fix it! (
  2. Muffinsismylovers is the second worst Youtube Guru on my list because back when muffins had her old channel she used to show everything she did with the wigs and I was a huge fan. From her opening the package, struggling to cut the lace, putting the wig on and blending her hair. Now in her videos one second she shows you the wig then POW the wig is magically on, hair blended and everything. You don’t get to see anything else, just how nice she looks wearing the wig. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to be purchasing a $200+ wig I want to see every detail. Her videos also have been so…cliche to me. They look just like all of the other Youtube gurus videos now. She doesn’t do any real talk videos or anything anymore. The old April I knew is gone. Don’t get me wrong, she does good reviews still and she is honest about the hair she receives but her videos have changed a lot. (
  3. MontanaDeleon1: A lot of people may know who she is and a lot of people do not like her for being “fake” and approving only good comments on her videos. She used to show her boobs and booty on the internet for money but now she is retired from internet porn and is a Youtube Guru. The only reason she made it up here is because I saw a video recently where she tried to rip off her subscribers by saying she would sell a bulk of weave for $800 to $1000, are you serious?!?!?! Never in life. I mean I understand you have to profit from it too but really, don’t try to scam people when you know they can get it cheaper while you’re getting it for free. (
  4. Beautybyjj: Now this girl is gorgeous  she looks like Ciara and her hair is the BOMB DOT COM. Thats actually the only reason I started watching her videos Other than that, NO. Most of her recent reviews are on hauls, makeup, etc but she got most of her subbies by doing hair tutorials. I know this because that is where most of her views are. Her reviews are like any other regular reviews on hair. Just like many other YouTube gurus she is the one receiving free hair while the actual consumers get crap. She does not stick up for her subbies either or admit that she is aware people have been receiving bad hair. Me no likey at all. (
  5. PhillyDiva19154 is on my worst Youtube Guru list because I swear she wears the same hair style ALL THE TIME.. If you’re going to be a hair guru switch it up for us! Let us see what you’re working with! Other than that I like her and her nose. (

So thats my opinion of the best and the worst Youtube hair gurus. If anyone has any opinions on it post a comment I would like to hear every and anything anyone has to say 🙂


Hair Journey: Summer Ideas For Hair…

I’ve really been wanting something new for my hair but since I’m tied up in classes and doing hair is time consuming Im planning for the summer. I’ve been thinking about going back to a sew-in or tracks…whatever they call them now days. But that is absolutely out of the question. Using tracks (for me) equals blending in my hair which means I have to use a brush and that will eventually lead to unnecessary hair loss in whatever part of my hair I continuously brush in order to blend it in.I have been considering making my own half wig or buying a half wig but I really want to stay away from having to blend my hair with things because that’s how my hair begins to thin. But its still a strong possibility. The two main ideas that I really want to pursue and do myself are tree braids or starting box braids and leaving the rest of the hair out so I can style it freely.

kinky curly hair inspiration

Right now, these are my kinky curly inspirations for the type of hair I have been looking for (I lightened the photos so you could see the curl pattern better).The photo to the top left is from The photo to the top right is from rpgshow. The photo to the bottom left is from The bottom right is from         (I DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING FROM ANY OF THESE SITES IM JUST TELLING YOU WHERE I GOT THE PHOTOS FROM).

kinky curly half wigs

Here are some half wigs I have found that I would order if I decided to purchase them. The 1st photo is New Born Free 13018 Spring Half Wig, 2nd photo It’s a Wig FC Perm Yaki Africa, 3rd photo Outre Evony (I’ve had Evony before and she starts out great but she puffs up so much it can be too much to handle, unless you love big hair your going to be trimming that wig like crazy) and 4th photo Its a Wig Fame.

kinky curly braiding hairLast but not least the hair that I am probably going to purchase. Here is the braiding hair I came upon that I plan to use toward my tree braids or leave out box braids experiment.

1st Photo Is Sentionnel Jerry Curl Bulk, 2nd Photo Encore New Deep Bulk By Janet Collection, 3rd Photo Freetress Synthetic Hair Braid Deep Twist Bulk 22, 4th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid Brazilian Curl (Neotura), 5th Photo Hh Water Bulk 18″ By Janet Collection, 6th Photo Outre Vivid Finest Quality Synthetic Blend Bulk – Bohemian Bulk, 7th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid Twin Deep (Neotura), 8th Photo Glance Synthetic Braid French Super, 9th Photo Outre Synthetic Braid Batik Deep Wave Bulk 18


Hair Journey: Wigs Are No Longer Appealing To Me

So far in my hair journey its been going great. I received my texturemenatural hair products in mail. I will be doing a review on by holly by holly

that later…the scent of her products are crazy wonderful. Back on topic…I have been enjoying my natural hair and watching it grow before my eyes and I enjoy putting it in its protective styles.

There used to be a time when I all I did was browse YouTube looking for reviews on wigs and hair. I used to stay on websites like lhboutique and hairwigharlem looking for the best natural looking lacefront/halfwig. I would faithfully watch muffinsismylovers videos reviews and make sure to check out anything she posted. I even went as far to buy my own full lace wigs for $250 from a Chinese vendor named..which only lasted a month before I got tired of it but it was a very lovely wig.

The last wig I wore was Tammy from Outre and after being natural for a while my hair just would not blend properly with that wig.

I looked through my subscribed Youtube channels. I went to Aprils aka Muffinsismylovers channel and I literally found nothing on her channel to be appealing like it was in the past. I mean, there’s no reason to even be subscribed to her for me right now.

So now I sit here wondering why i liked wigs in the first place? Why were they so appealing to me back then and not now?


Hair Journey Update: Box Braids, Length Checks, After Effects of Dyed Hair

So here’s a recap of my hair journey so far when it comes to styling….

Around July last year, I decided to go natural, transitioning. I hid my hair under half wigs. Skip to November I decided to big chop because I got tired of fighting two textures; relaxed and natural. December, I braided my hair into box braids, inspired by Janet Jackson…I was watching Poetic Justice. January, I made the decision to dye my hair using Carols dye, it was plum but I failed to really retain the color (I’m thinking about re-dyeing it next month). February, I finished braiding my hair into box braids. I’ve made the decision that box braids will now be my primary style since I can no longer successfully blend my hair into half wigs.

2-8-13 4So this is my hair my hair when I was braiding it. It’s now fully braided. I did not take any photos of it finished because I didn’t think it mattered. I did want to show photos of it braided and out though because you could see my dyed hair color in the photo and the texture a lot better. These photos were taken 1/27/12.

How I have been dealing with my texture/Length Check….

4c kinky hair length checkWell the reason why I big chopped was because I got tired of dealing with two textures. Not only that but my hair wasn’t really cooperating with natural products. My relaxed hair reacted fine to everything but my natural hair is a DIVA, it doesn’t just take any old thing lol. So after I big chopped I dealt with my high porosity hair. I found the short term solution to it was moisturizing with conditioner…Jason natural conditioner. Then I found carols curling cream, combined with Pink Lusters Growth which helped keep my hair moisturized and soft but after I ran out of Pink Lusters Growth, I discovered that Carols curling cream by itself is horrible and it is prone to build up. So I went back to using conditioner as my moisturizer. Now at this moment I’m still using carols curl (only to stretch my products so I don’t go through them fast) to moisturize my hair but its mixed with conditioner and rosemary oil. Its working great for now but I JUST ordered some custom made moisturizer from a guru on FB, cost me $50. I WILL be doing a review on it with photos and I will use it on my hair while its braided and when its un-braided.

As for the length check, I have NEVER done one before. I felt like something was missing on this blog and I realized it was the essential LENGTH CHECK photos!! So from month to month I will be show length check photos and my progress.

2-8-13 3After Effects of dying my hair..

After dying my hair I have not really been experiencing any dryness although while its braided my scalp has been feeling a little dry. I think that has to do with my slowing down on moisturizing  I have been getting a little lazy…I used to moisturize 2 times a day but now only one…but tonight I will put the time in. The only thing that I have been really facing after I dyed my hair is knots at the ends of my hair (like in the photo shown with the red circle). Before I dyed my hair I have never experienced that but now I am. Other than that my hair hasn’t been shedding as much. I also haven’t been using any brushing or combs in my hair (except when parting it for braiding). My texture has really been showing great and I love it.

So that’s my hair update for now :).

Thank you,


Progress! Capturing moisture!

So I’m in the phase of going from dry to moist with my hair. This week I have braided my hair…yes I know..braiding 3 to 4 inches of hair…but its possible 😀 Anyway I spritz my hair with water and detangled it with a wide tooth comb (paddle brushes only worked for me when my hair was long) then braided it in corn rows…left out a  little of my hair in the front because I wear half wigs…right now I’m rocking the wig “Tammy from Outre”…best half wig ever..its the only wig that I have worn for 3 months straight without it looking horrible but investment ever!

Then after I finished braiding my hair I spritz it with water again because the water dried…then I put a little conditioner on my hair, rub it in then sealed it with my olive oil/rosemary oil/ coconut oil mix. As for the hair I left out I sealed it with the oil then I sealed it with gel..I had to put a lot more extra on my front because it is the driest part o my head since I manipulate it the most. Also since I like to manipulate the front of my hair alot I stopped using a brush and only use my hands when using gel..I don’t want to keep putting stress on the front. I completely left out my african pride moisturizer because I wanted to see how my hair would retain the moisture. Turns out it kept really good! So no more african pride. Also I dont know if I should be using conditioner apart of my daily regimen without actually washing my hair…especially since I plan to skip a week or 2 on shampooing…actually I might take that completely out since it takes moisture away…but I will keep using the conditioner since it works for me or if my hair says otherwise.

Two days post the braids I took them out spritzed my hair with water and detangled my hair by finger then I used my wide tooth comb to puff it out in a afro..I can definitely see a difference in my hair actually looked like it grew even my edges which have always been the shortest part  of my hair but maybe because its getting moisture now. (Sorry no pictures..wont be taking one until the end of november to see the difference in my progress).

So that will be my daily regimen for “now”. NEXT is starting my workout plan. Last year I lost 20 pounds working out and counting my calories but..I did it wrong. I wasn’t really eating healthy I was only staying under my calorie count. So this time I want to do it right..I want to eat healthy and exercise….I want to have fun with this not make it my “duty” to do.

P.S. I Am Natural Even If I Wear a Wig or Weave..its a protective style, for all you naturals that think otherwise go kick a large boulder!