My Routine For Washing My Box Braids

shampooing clamps and deep treatmentAlrighty, so heres my routine for washing

The products I used for washing my hair:

-4 large clips or butterfly clamps ($1.99 from beauty supply store or bss)

– SOFT SHEEN CARSON ROOTS OF NATURAL REMEDIES shea butter green tea nurturing repair shampoo (cost $7.49 from bss)

– SOFT SHEEN CARSON ROOTS OF NATURAL REMEDIES shea butter green reconstructing deep treatment ($7+ from bss)

What I did for shampooing:

I started by braiding my braids into 4 separate sections then I used the clips to keep the ends from unraveling. Then I got in the shower and made sure that my hair was completely wet (I always take a complete shower whenever I wash my hair….force of habit).

After that I unraveled one section of my hair and went through each row of my braids in that section applying my shampoo and massaging my scalp…when you go to shampoo your hair, you may notice that it doesn’t bubble as much as would when your hair is out, that is completely fine. After I finished applying the shampoo I rinsed that section with water thoroughly then braided it back up and put the clip at the end. I did this to each section. Then after I was done I did a quick rinse to make sure all of the shampoo was out.

I  knew  my scalp was clean and clear from the shampoo because..well some water from my hair had gotten into my eye and it didn’t burn lol. But seriously when my hair is clean and clear of shampoo; I can see my scalp better when I part it, it feels lighter, my braids were tighter when I braided them into sections and sometimes theres a squeak of clean to it (might only be my hair).

What I did for conditioning:

As for conditioning, I used the deep treatment and I followed the directions on the bottle. I applied it to my hair the same way I did with shampooing. Section by section…then I let the deep treatment in my hair for a few minutes…while I waited on the deep treatment to kick in, I just took a shower. Then after I was done I rinsed it out section by sectioned and rebraided my hair back into for sections.

The green tea in the deep treatment REALLY penetrates the nostrils in a good way…this will definitely be my go to conditioner and shampoo.

2012-11-28_18-40-19_92Drying My Hair:

Ever since my whole high porosity dilemma I have not put any type of heat to my hair and I wont! So what I did was take my hair out of the four braided sections. Wrapped my hair in a towel and began to wring them out. I then re-braided my hair…I keep rebraiding it because it helped get the water out but try not to manipulate your hair as much as I did…you don’t want to put too much stress on your hair.

Afterwards I took out the braids again because they felt a little damp I had gotten most of the water out. I let them air dry a little then I moisturized my hair..I have other posts on how I moisturize…I put my satin bonnet on the ends of my braids as much. As I could, I put the bonnet on my head and wrapped a silk scarf around the rest of my hair and the bonnet (so the bonnet wouldn’t come off) and I went to sleep like that…with a towel on my pillow, just in case it got wet.

When I woke up my hair was still a little wet but not noticeably….when I went out and about my hair eventually dried on its own.

Body Inspiration!


When I lose my long term target weight…I guarantee you will be a photo of my just like this…natural hair and all..maybe not the same blouse but definitely the same aura.

Hair Journey/Confession: I Bought Make Up To Prepare for My “Natural Awakening”

natural ladies

What I mean by “Natural Awakening” is embracing my natural hair and not wearing a wig in public. In all of the photos I have been looking at of these women who have embraced their natural hair and look beautiful, they are all wearing make up and its blended beautifully.

Some of them wear bold colors while others wear neutral, natural looking make up…I’m a natural type girl. I have never been too crazy bout make up because it is time consuming, I never really had a nack for it and I have very sensitive skin but I want to at least give it a try. For the sake of embracing my natural.

So I went to muffinismylovers and lovekisses99 for my makeup tips…I bought all of the items from ebay on the viedo that muffinismylovers just posted: BEAUTY STROKES LASH & BROW BRUSH, Revlon Colorstay~*BLACKBERRY*~Retractable EYELINER and as for the brushes, I found a full professional set for $17 (bidding war) on ebay…I saved about $40 or $30 on that one if I would have gotten it from american, 2 Case Classics Pro. Makeup Brush Set 10Pc Travel NEW. Since I am neutral I only bought neutral eyeshadow 10 Colors Concealer Camouflage Makeup Cosmetic Cream Natu...As for my concealer, I watched a tutorial on how to make your own concealer…all you do it add water to your mineral makeup. So I bought 3 shades of mineral foundation New Full Size Pure Mineral Foundation Makeup DARK WARM. So for now that is it. I’ll be updating on my progress later on when I receive everything in mail.


Muffinismylovers2012 video:

Body Inspiration: Curvy & Sexy

Curvy and Sexy

Now, I do not condone the obvious make up or the  obvious wig look but I love this photo because she had curves and embraces it while in a robe. Me…I would never take a photo to the side showing my body because its unflattering in my view.. but on her it looks nice and that is why I chose this photo. When people think of an inspirational body they think “six pack”, “skinny”…whatever is typical but to me all I desire is being able to fit into a size pants that I can find EVERYWHERE and walk around with confidence knowing that I love my body.

Hair Tip: Dipping Ends of Braids Dry Method

Depending on the hair you are using…after a while, with all the dipping in hot water, the ends will start to look trashy and ashy…I usually don’t keep them in for longer than three weeks after I start dipping.

There is a way to get your ends straight OR curly without using hot water
for the curly method: if you are wearing braids that are loose at the ends, just blow them straight with a hand-held dryer (the braid hair can be dry or damp, doesn’t matter) —the blowing will make the hair super-straight, then you can braid them up, leave them over-night, undo them in the morning and you will have wavy braids.  You can do this over and over for several weeks. The hair wont get trashy like it does with hot water over time…when you undo the braids, just add a little light oil to give it some sheen.
Now, to get the hair straight, all you have to do is use a blow-dryer once again with a comb attachment and blow the hair on the highest setting. it will become super-straight, without the use of hot water. You can do this over and over for several weeks.
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Hair Journey: Big Chop Progress

My big chop progress has been going great. Right now I am in the progress of doing my hair in box braids. I started this natural journey back in June and now I  am in the big chop stage. So far I have completed my goal of finding a usual moisturizer (Lusters Pink GrowComplex), shampoo (SoftSheen Carson) and deep treatment/conditioner (Softsheen Carson Shea Butter Green Tea Reconstructing Deep Treatment).  As my protein treatment I will just be using cream peanut butter…yes the type that you make  sandwich with…its cheap and easy to put on.

I have received my hairfinity pills and I start taking them today. I know some people are against that but its my choice and your problem. So far without pills my hair seems as though it has grown. But since I am putting my hair in box braids then I won’t see the progress until I have taken them out which is why I am posting my progress now instead of Dec. 11.

So just a quick zip through my pictures. My first photo is the big chop, I started off with dry hair along with uneven and still some relaxed hair attached. My second photo I trimmed all the relaxed hair and had just moisturized my hair with conditioner and African pride moisturizer (that moisturizer sucks!) and combed it out. In my 3rd photo I had just finished spritzing my hair with water and combed it out with my wide tooth comb.

So that’s my journey so far! Thanks for reading!


Natural Hair Tip 101

The conditioner you select is perhaps the single most important element in your regimen. We demand a lot from our hair, and conditioner products are what make (or break) a healthy hair care regimen. Conditioners restore moisture lost to the shampooing process and improve the hair’s manageability. Because they are meant to adhere to the hair’s cuticle and produce long-lasting effects that remain after rinsing, conditioners play the most critical role in maintaining the hair’s protein /moisture balance. Conditioners are important because they are specifically formulated to help us achieve one of the two healthy hair characteristics: strength or softness. Although conditioners are usually formulated to both strengthen and soften the hair, they almost always tend to be better at one than the other.” ~Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, The Science of Black Hair. p.83,84


The first time I had heard of going natural was online a couple of years ago…I forgot where exactly I was reading from…I Natural Hairbelieve it was on a forum, a woman was discussing chopping off her hair again and starting over. She mentioned using olive oil for her hair and skin…I have to admit to, when I first read this I didn’t put much thought into it except it was odd.

Fast forward a couple years later, I discovered  the blackhairmedia forum. How? Well I was looking for some good weave lol. Believe it or not, I am like a hair fein…I’ll spend hours on the internet literally reading reviews, watching youtube videos and reading forum discussions about products, etc…it just sparks my interest. So anyway, I spent like a few months just going through blackhairmedia archives and discovering the Chinese vendors to go for good hair..Holly, Kevin…and how american vendors are basically rip offs because they order their hair from the Chinese just to sell it at a higher price. If you watched the movie, Good Hair, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So all these months I’m on the forum it never struck me to go to the Natural Hair Care side of the forum until one day someone had mentioned taing care of their hair underneath their wig…so I thought about it, looked at my overly dry hair and began my research on taking care of my hair which led to me learning about natural vs relaxer and my ambition to want to grow long natural hair.

When i think about it now, there have been sooooo many hints throughout life that would have gave me the lift of having natural hair sooner but because of stereotypes and what women/men (not only African American, people of other ethnicities think it too) who think “relaxed hair” is the only way for good hair, imprint into their children and peers mind…it never crossed my mind until a year ago.

I would look at girls of other races and think…wow they’re hair is so beautiful and naturally healthy while I have to get relaxers and deal with my nappy edges. I remember meeting a black girl in my gym class when I first entered High school…we were in the locker room and her hair was wet because we had swimming class. For some reason we got to talking about hair and I mentioned something about her and she responded “This IS my real hair”. I was speechless…never had I seen a girl with the same skin tone as me with long hair that reached her hips!! Now that I think about it, her hair was natural at that. If that wasn’t an obvious sign then I don’t know what was lol.

Another hint I had about the natural world was my aunt! She would always say to my grandmother (who always has her kids at her house) that she doesn’t want her children’s hair relaxed, she wants it to be NATURAL. I remember thinking how dumb it was that she didnt want their hair relaxed. The reason why I thought that was because their always and still does…LOOK A HOT MESS. I mean hair sticking out everywhere..the oldest one has some breakage in her hair and she hardly ever has her hair know how your braids look when you leave them in longer than what your suppose to? Thats how hers looks. And the funny thing about it is…both my grandmother and aunt have a license from hair school. What a waste of education?

Well I better stop before I get off track. So thats how I discovered “going natural” through blackhairmedia.